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Christians & Politics – Strange Bedfellows!

Should a Christian be involved in politics? Talk about a HOT topic…that question alone seems to be able to bring people to their boiling point almost immediately.

There are some in this country that equate voting for a particular party with godliness. One side thinks that Jesus was probably a conservative Republican, watched FOX news, organized pro-life rallies, and had a Sean Hannity T-shirt. The other side thinks that Jesus was a socialist liberal, watched MSNBC, pro-union, wore an NPR t-shirt, & supported abortion & homosexuality. AND as of this year, there are those who think Jesus would have surely been a member of the Tea Party.

There are people who claim to love Jesus who are Republicans… there are those who claim to love Jesus who are Democrats… AND there are those who claim to love Jesus who are Tea Party’rs. So who is right? Who would Jesus vote for? Is there a Bible verse that endorses a particular party?

Believe it or not – I have STRONG political opinions – VERY STRONG ONES! AND… I love to discuss politics with people in a one on one conversation. However, I will never use the platform God has given me to support a political candidate or party… why would I waste people’s time on a Sunday talking about the government when I can tell them about Jesus? As I have said many times – God has called me to reach EVERYONE – regardless of their political persuasion – with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

While the politics of today seem ALL-important right now – the deeds and actions of our politicians & political parties will one day be long forgotten. BUT Jesus – well, He’s pretty much outlasted every government and every political figure there ever has been. He’s amazing… He changes lives… and how dare I, or any church leader, prostitute the church by aligning it with a political party and selling out Christ for an elephant or a donkey!!!

NOW…  I do NOT think Christians should ignore politics. I’ve heard many people make that argument before… and in my opinion that is  pretty foolish & ignorant. I’ve heard Christians say, “I don’t think we should be involved in politics.” And then that same person will complain when ungodly laws are passed – it just doesn’t make sense.

I think Christians should be DEEPLY involved in politics… can you imagine how awesome our country would be if our leaders were more in love with Jesus than they were the press and opinion polls? I think we NEED committed Christians to run for office. I think that the political arena needs someone to present a Biblical view… and I pray for that!

AND… I think EVERYONE should most definitely VOTE!!! How dare a Christian sit around and complain about how “bad” our government is if they haven’t voted! There are billions of people on this planet who would do anything to have the right & the responsibility that SO many of us take for granted.

So, who should you vote for? Well, I think that EVERY Christian should vote for…………………….(Can you feel the tension?)

We as Christians need to research each candidate, research their voting records, research their values & beliefs & then get on our faces before God and ask, “Who do YOU want me to vote for?”  That’s it – it really is THAT simple! I believe way too many people are swayed by public opinion, attack ads, & the oratory skills & likability of candidates —-  rather than being directed by the Holy Spirit… and that is one of the reasons for much of our nation’s political confusion. Can you imagine how much easier the process was if Christians would simply seek God on this decision? (Then maybe the millions of dollars political figures use on trying to get themselves re-elected could be used for things like advancing God’s kingdom and feeding the poor!)

As Christians we have a responsibility to be involved in politics. Look all through Scripture – especially the New Testament… in the Gospels the political figures of the day are mentioned. In the book of Acts we see the Apostle Paul having the opportunity to speak to major political leaders of the day… and when he got the chance he didn’t speak to them about some policy or program… he spoke to them about Jesus.

Think about it – Paul had the opportunity to discuss politics and chose to talk about Jesus!!! He didn’t lead rallies against the government – He spoke FOR Jesus!!! He was sold out to God’s kingdom & we need a lot more of that!

Once again–God called me to teach His word… and I will. I will teach on Biblical issues. I will say what the Bible says & I absolutely do not care about the media or public opinion. There ARE so many issues that we have made political – but at their core are really Biblical. And I will not use our church to advance a person or a party politically. Jesus is the only thing that really matters – He’s first – He reigns – He changed my life – and I will wear myself out for Him!

(Parts borrowed from Perry Noble – Pastor of NewSpring Church)

2 responses

  1. Kris


    Great post, once again!

    However, why make the distinction between Christians and Non-Christians? When I was really “messed up”, I was just as informed about politics as I am now. The fact that I go to church regularly and have opened up to the ways of the Lord, doesn’t mean I am more or less informed about politics.
    For me personally, this is where I draw the line: Religion and Politics don’t go well together, never have and possibly never will. The catholic church has been a prime example of what happens when religion and politics get to close to each other. The result was massive human loss on several continents over centuries and the aftermath of that power struggle is still felt today.

    Politicians, in my opinion are hypocrites when it comes to religion! They all claim to be Christians, but come Monday the backstabbing, lying and finger-pointing starts all over again…behavior not synonymous with the Christian way of life and unacceptable by most peoples’ standards, Christians or not.

    Politics have always been about power, ego and greed – what has changed over the centuries is the ever increasing impact of money and media and the continuous lack of ethics by all involved.

    I for one will try to separate one from the other 😉


    November 3, 2010 at 7:34 pm

  2. Kris – Great thoughts & I agree with most everything. Politics & politicians make me sick – but it is part of the world we live in. For me, the challenge is that too many Christians either avoid political discourse all together or they’re obsessed with it & picketing in the streets. I think as believers we need to be somewhere in the middle.

    I don’t think we should ignore the political process (voting, letting our voices be heard, etc) because our politicians are making decisions which affect greatly our families, kids, grandkids… I also don’t think we should be neck-deep in the process as so many typically baptists were in the 80’s & 90’s.

    However, as I said, as believers we are to be first & foremost about the cause of Christ & His Kingdom. When that is our #1 focus – everything else tends to fall into place.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I’ll see you on Sunday!

    November 5, 2010 at 6:04 pm

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