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Big Date Night Experiment

This Saturday Feb. 12th (just in time for Valentines Day) we are doing the “Big Date Night Experiment” here at Eagle Pointe.

Most couples want to have a date night – but don’t! Well, we’re going to help you by providing 6 different great dates each of the next 6 months. Each monthly great date revolves around one of the topics of our “Happily Ever After” series. We’ll provide fun & creative ideas for your date night & “parent’s night out” childcare is available here at Eagle Pointe. Our 1st event will be, conveniently enough, this Sat. Feb. 12th from 5 – 8 PM.

I’ve got to tell you – last night Gina & I tried out the Date Night Exp & we had a blast! It was a lot of fun, it was crazy, we talked about a lot of stuff, & it made for some great memories!

Trust me – YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Drop off the kids here at the church at 5PM, pick up your “assignment”, & have a GREAT Date Night! You & your spouse will be glad you did.

PS. Care enough about your friends, neighbors, co-workers & their relationships to get them to take part in this as well.


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