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Just Say ‘NO’ to Religion!

This Sunday we kick-off a series that I have been chomping at the bit to do for quite some time. Many of you know that I was SO turned off by “Religion” that I didn’t darken the doorway of a church for over 5 years. Here’s a post I did about a little bit of my experience “No Perfect People Allowed“.

The idea behind this series is that…  Face it. Religion can get pretty strange pretty quickly. Mystical. Superstitious. Legalistic. Judgmental. Hypocritical. But religion isn’t going away. The human race has an insatiable curiosity regarding the divine. Since the beginning of time, men and women have established elaborate rituals and traditions in an attempt to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen; between the sacred and the secular. And while each of these systems provided formulas for communicating with and securing the blessings of a particular deity, none provided the one thing humankind most desires…

EVERY religion, yes including “Christianity” (as it is practiced by most), is screwed up! “Religion” has pushed more people away from God, than it has pulled toward God. So, if you are skeptical of religion (join the club), or even downright hostile towards religion, I hope that you will attend this series with an open mind. I think you’ll be surprised – in a good way!

Join us for the next 4 Sundays 9:30 & 11AM at Eagle Pointe as we “Just say ‘No’ to Religion”.

PS. Be sure to watch the promo video below…


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