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Haiti Update – March 2011

I am so pumped about the work we’ve been doing & the impact we have been making in Haiti this past year. I am also very excited about what God is leading us to do in 2011.

Many of you know that we had a team on the ground in Port Au Prince, Haiti days after the earthquake which devastated the country. In the early days following the earthquake, and in the months that followed, we were doing disaster relief & rescue. We provided medical care, food, & supplies to a country which was receiving very little help. (Despite the HUGE amounts of money raised by aid groups – very little made it to the people of Haiti). God teamed us up with a medical university, hospitals, & medical clinics there in Port Au Prince & Carrefour (basically a western suburb of PaP – which was also the hardest hit area).

Carrefour is considered to be the ghetto, & an area you don’t want to go to, by Haitian people. I thought it was pretty amazing that in the 2nd poorest country in the world they all look down on this area which we were working in. These were truly the “least of these“! And it was there in Carrefour where we were working with an orphanage, clinics, & doing most of our work. And it was there in Carrefour, where as I said back in Jan 2010 that God ripped out a piece of my heart & left it there.

As we continued to work & help there in 2010, the enormity of the problem in Haiti broke my heart & overwhelmed me. This “problem” (1.5 million people homeless & starving, most buildings destroyed or unsafe to occupy, a corrupt government, most families living on less than $2 a day, and on and on…) was SO HUGE that only God could solve the problems & redeem this country. So, I began to pray & pray & pray that God would allow us to team up with a local church there in Carrefour – the “local church” is God’s ONLY plan to save the world – He has no plan B. I also prayed that God would open doors for us to team up with & plant more local churches there in Carrefour & PaP.

Then ———- I waited! ———- And waited! ———– And waited! Much like God did so often in the Bible, He gives a vision, a desire, & a passion of what He wants to do & then we get to wait on His perfect timing & plan to unfold. Then God opened a door and teamed us up with Legliz Kay an Kay (House to House Church/Haiti Family ministries) there in Carrefour. They have the same heartbeat God has given us – to be the hands & feet of Jesus – to meet real, practical, & tangible needs in the name of Jesus – AND THEN as God opens the doors, they are right there to meet spiritual needs as well. LONG after “mission teams” have headed back to the comforts of home, the local church in still there on the ground, in the trenches, carrying out God’s work in their communities. I LOVE this partnership God has developed!

So, now we’re supporting this church financially every month & we are sending teams of medical, construction, & general helper types there every couple months. We have other churches here in the U.S. who are contacting us & that we are helping develop a comprehensive, New Testament model of missions to Haiti. I LOVE when God does HIS THING! And as God continues to develop this I look forward to helping & planting more local churches & reaching the “least of these” in Jesus’ name.

***PLEASE watch the VIDEO below of our most recent mission trip to Haiti… We are already working on our next 3 trips – let me know if you or your church is  interested in going???


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