Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

“Off-Road” series starts this Sunday


Buckle up & hold on — because Eagle Pointe Church is going — “OFF-ROAD“!

Jesus said, “Narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Too many people, including Christians, are cruising down the nice 6 lane divided highway of life. It’s safe; it’s smooth; there’s no sharp turns, bumps, obstacles, or muddy pits. But that also makes for a boring & not very meaningful life. So, what if there is more that you were intended to do & experience in this life? ——- Well, there is!

Join us for this exciting series as we learn how to get off the beaten path of a life that leads nowhere, & learn how to follow Jesus to a life of  meaning,  purpose, & adventure.

In our last series we learned how to say ‘No’ to religion & to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus – now in this series we’ll learn how to ‘follow Jesus’ & be a disciple. We’ll study the book of Acts & follow the example of the 1st century church in what it means to follow Jesus “OFF-ROAD“!

I can’t wait to see YOU this Sunday at Eagle Pointe as we kick-off this series.


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