Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

3 Things Church Leaders MUST Remember

1)  Every Week Is Someone’s First Week at Eagle Pointe

If you are a pastor/ministry leader – the same could be said about your church – that every single weekend COULD be THE weekend that a person/family who people in your church have been inviting and praying for – actually show up.  For too many churches this is very much an afterthought —– but I am OBSESSED with this thought.

Many people are coming to our church each weekend who have never been to church, or haven’t been in years & we’ve got 1 shot to connect with them. This is why our 1st impressions/host team is one of the most important ministries in our church.

2)  If The Tomb Really Is Empty — The Atmosphere At Church Should Reflect It!

It blows my mind that people will go to a football or basketball game and nearly give themselves a heart-attack yelling, cheering, & carrying on for a bunch of people they don’t even know —- and those same people will go to church the next day and show no emotion at all. This makes no sense to me.

Umm – those sports players didn’t die for me & provide a way for me to connect with God in this life & one day spend eternity in heaven with Him. Please excuse me if I save my yelling, cheering, & carrying on for Jesus!

Christianity is THE most exciting thing that has ever happened in the history of the world —– and it has taken the church 2,000 years to make it boring!!!

It is OUR job to make the environment exciting and friendly!

Guess what?

  • Jesus is ALIVE!!!
  • WE WIN!!! (in case you didn’t read through the end of the Bible)
  • People don’t have to go to hell!!!

We need to let our churches & our leadership reflect these truths.

3) God & the People Coming Through Our Doors Deserve Our Best Every Week!

It bothers me when a church just “wings it” (throws something together at the last minute & then asks God to bless it). That’s like a college student that refuses to study for an exam all semester long and then shows up to take the final exam and throws up some lame prayer, asking God to help them out.

Every week at Eagle Pointe we give God our absolute best.  God gives us His best & the best of everything He has. So, how could we do anything less in return???

We should give God our best – our best in prayer – our best in preparation – our best in the singers – our best in the musicians – our best in the parking lot – our best in the greeting – our best in the kid’s & nursery area – our best in our teen ministries – our best in EVERYTHING!

When you combine God’s best with the church’s best – buckle up & hold on baby – because BIG things are about to happen.  God wants & deserves SO much more than our ill-prepared, half-hearted, & lame attempts at church & reaching people for Jesus! We work & prepare like it ALL depends on us —- but then we PRAY & step out of God’s way —-because it DOES depend on Him.

Here’s my personal guarantee for every single weekend at Eagle Pointe Church —— we will flat out do our best & give it all we’ve got! But here’s something else you need to know —- we are going to mess something up EVERY week.  We’re human & we’re all messed up – but this is a beautiful reminder that God is so much bigger than all of us or our efforts – & I am addicted to seeing  Him work MANY times not because of us —— but in spite of us!


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