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Impotent Leaders & Impotent Churches

You can’t even watch 10 minutes of television nowadays without seeing commercials promoting drugs for men who have — umm — well, you know — problems!

Some of you are wondering – “Well, WHAT IN THE WORLD does that have to do with leadership & churches???”  Hang on! I’ll get to that in just a second!

TD Jakes once said, “Impotence is when you possess the equipment but you lack the passion to perform.”  Well, that about sums it up – doesn’t it?

I believe that the greatest problem afflicting leaders & churches in this country today is — SPIRITUAL IMPOTENCE! Think about it – We as leaders & churches have EVERYTHING we could ever need –  an empty tomb, the Bible, the Holy Spirit — and then you combine those with the amazing technology that none of the Apostles had and – DANG – we should be turning this world upside down for Jesus!

But here’s the reality — 85% of American Christian churches have plateau’d  or are declining in attendance!  4000 churches every year are closing their doors!  90% of church plants fail within the first 3 years.  This is what I would call an ABJECT FAILURE on the part of leaders & churches in this country today!  And the problem is that we have too many leaders & churches who are IMPOTENT!  We have the equipment – but lack the passion to perform.

Listen – if we as leaders have no passion – then our churches will follow our lead.  If your biggest desire is to “keep the sheep happy” & draw a paycheck — then your church will reflect that.  If you are attending all the ridiculous number of conferences offered each year – & you’re carrying around resume  looking for greener pastures – you are an impotent leader – and your church is suffering because of YOU!

Here’s another thought – DO NOT GO to 1 more conference this year! QUIT going & looking to other “people” for that next, new, exciting thing that you’re going to “Wow” your church with. Why don’t you commit to spending this next year praying & fasting & asking GOD to give you a fresh awareness of who HE is & what HE wants to do in your life & your church??? Ask HIM to renew the passion & fire within you to get after HIS cause & HIS Kingdom with absolute reckless abandon!

Pastors/leaders –  if you develop passion – & you begin to lead with conviction – & you allow God to develop a vision in your heart – & then you begin to take RISKS to accomplish that God-given vision – listen – satan will try his best to attack your passion. And he will do it MOST of the time through people who claim to know Christ.  Pastors/leaders with vision are usually called “cocky” and “arrogant.”  AND they are called this by religious people who, at the core of their criticism, think that you should be doing things “their way”.

Most of people who usually say these things are from churched backgrounds & most likely have never encountered a leader with vision & passion — it is new to them.  They are used to pushing the pastor/leader around & threatening them with money and/or their job.

Don’t let these people steal your passion.  You BE & DO what GOD has called you to BE & DO – & you let HIM deal with the fallout from that!

Here’s my challenge for you today — get alone with God & develop a vision —— a GOD SIZED vision!  Share that vision with the people God has called you to lead – & then challenge them to get on board.  The ones that can’t – let them leave – it’s ok! People walked away from Jesus & they will walk away from you as well.  AND then continually cast that vision over and over and over again – practice, as Rick Warren says, “Creative Redundancy”.

One of the things that sets Eagle Pointe Church apart is that we have that God-given & God-sized vision!  We want to impact our entire area & world for Jesus & lead them to Love God, Love Others, & Serve the World! We have a plan – a strategy – and we are following it – and guess what? That drives SOME people crazy!  But I couldn’t care less – I live for an audience of ONE – & I let HIM deal with the fallout from that! That’s not cockiness or arrogance – that’s confidence in the passion & vision GOD has given me!

Pastors – are you impotent —- or are you filled with passion???  Your church is a reflection of your passion for the cause of Christ!  GO FOR IT!!!

(Some parts borrowed from Dan Southerland, Perry Noble)


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  1. I appreciate the challenge to examine ourselves and whether we are being “salt” and “light” in an authentic and palpable way in the world.

    March 20, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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