Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

10 Things You Need To Know About The Church

#1 – The potential for the local church to do good & create positive change in the world is greater than it has ever been in history.

#2 – The ROOT of the desire to do good and create positive change in the world HAS to be the GOSPEL — if it isn’t what will develop is cool ministry fads & ideas — but nothing revolutionary that will impact our world.

#3 – Some of the greatest Christian leaders the world will ever know, are currently in elementary school, middle school & high school — student & children’s ministry are one of the greatest mission opportunities that the local church can invest in.

#4 – More & more church leaders are beginning to take radical steps of faith — rather than trying to repair or “make work” broken systems.

#5 – More & more church leaders are putting personal preferences of ministry aside & are starting to work together with other people/churches to accomplish more ministry than they could have ever done alone.

#6 – We WILL see some of the greatest moves of God this world has ever seen in the next 20 years — MOST of them happening because the local church finally decided to step up and BE the church.

#7 – God wants to use YOUR CHURCH to do unbelievable things in the community in which HE has planted you.

#8 – Healthy churches are led by healthy church leaders! Leaders cannot fly at the speed of sound & expect to hear God’s still, soft voice.  The healthier we get — the healthier our churches will be.

#9 – If ALL leaders took the advice God gave us in Galatians 6:9 — we would see breakthroughs like we’ve NEVER seen before.

#10 – God has called the church to CHANGE the world — not to complain about it!!!  We are fully empowered messengers of God & body of believers. God wants to use US to do the “impossible” so that people can see HIM!!!

So —- what is God saying to you right now – as to what your next step is?

***Some parts/ideas influenced by Dan Southerland, Perry Noble, Rick Warren

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