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Evidently We’re Not A “Real Church” – Part 2

WOW! Yesterday was a lot of fun! Thank you to SO MANY of you who commented, emailed me, called, etc. Today should be no exception. (If you missed “Evidently We’re Not A “Real” Church – part 1” go back & read it before reading this)

Here are a few more things we do at Eagle Pointe, tricks/gimmicks, & how we “water down” the Gospel… 🙂

#4 – We Care About Excellence

We believe that if it is done in God’s name — then it deserves our best effort. Please know that excellence is what we’re shooting for – NOT PERFECTION! We literally screw something up every Sunday — but it is NOT because we are not trying hard — it’s because we’re human.

From our adult worship services, to our Kid’s & Student ministries, to our local & global mission work we strive to do it all with excellence. BTW: If it is worth doing — then it is worth doing right!

I encourage you to read more about this idea @ “3 Things Church Leaders MUST Remember

#5 – We Plan Ahead

Yep, another “gimmick” we use at Eagle Pointe is that we plan ahead — we do not just “WING IT.” For example, I have our message/teaching series’ planned out through the end of the year. It is a flexible plan allowing for God to change things up – but it’s planned out nonetheless. For those who say I’m not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead & direct – Guess what? God’s Holy Spirit IS actually capable of speaking to us a week, a month, a year, and even a few years in advance. I know – I know – that’s crazy talk! 🙂

We plan out Kid’s & Student events months in advance. You know why? Because these kids matter!!! We plan out local & global mission work for an entire year in advance.

Some people say that you can plan so much that you plan God right out of it — REALLY??? God is a planner — He is organized — He is detailed — & He NEVER just “wings it”! God has a plan & we should as well.

#6 – We Challenge People To Commit

Let me be very clear on this Eagle Pointe church has THE BEST volunteers on the planet!

Listen closely — a church is NOT effective when a pastor ministers to the people. A church is only truly effective when the body ministers to the body!

Too many churches are killing their pastor by expecting the poor guy to do everything — while they sit on their rear end & watch the show. Ummm…where exactly is THAT in the Bible???

Ephesians 4:11-16 tells us that pastors are to teach the people HOW to minister – NOT to do it all. And we are truly blessed to have a group of people that EMBRACE that concept – who are committed to God’s vision for this church – and God is using their skills every weekend to IMPACT lives for Jesus Christ.

BTW: This commitment is of our time, talents/abilities, & resources. You are not “ALL IN” with what God is doing unless your checkbook is all in!

#7 – We Have An Atmosphere Where People WANT To Bring Their Unchurched Friends

When I was growing up the LAST place I wanted to take a person who didn’t know Christ was to church! I dreaded going to church & I was not going to subject my friends to that kind of torture! 🙂

We have taken a different approach — we have told people that we are going to PRAY like crazy & work our tails off to create a fun, exciting, powerful, & meaningful environment which inspires & encourages people to take their next step towards Jesus! And we want you to partner with us in getting your friends, neighbors, co-workers who are disconnected from Jesus & His church HERE! And guess what? IT WORKS!

I make no apologies for how we DO church & if some don’t consider us to be a “REAL” church that’s fine by me — I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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