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U + 2 Easter Challenge

This past Sunday as I taught on Acts 4 “Off-Road Boldness” as a part of our “Off-Road” series at Eagle Pointe. I challenged our entire church family to join me in doing 3 things as we approach Easter Sunday – because – Easter Sunday is the greatest opportunity of the year to invite people to church. Even non-churchgoers feel a sense of that’s just what you do on Easter Sunday. And studies show that 3 out of 4 people would be willing to come check out a church on Easter Sunday if personally invited. To that end – I’ve challenged our entire church to…

# 1 – Ask God for boldness in following Jesus Off-Road!

Wherever God leads you – your neighborhood – workplace – your gym – where your kids play sports — follow Jesus Off-Road & boldly be an “unstoppable idiot rhino for Jesus” (watch the message online) – living out the life & adventure Jesus has called you to! Allow God to use YOU as a fully empowered messenger of Jesus in every area & aspect of your life.

# 2 – Pray & fast these next 2 weeks for our Easter services!

Basically, we want to unleash the power of God through prayer & fasting – & then do “whatever it takes” to pack our church full of people on Easter Sunday who need to have their lives & eternities impacted by Jesus! However, there are A LOT of people who are confused about or are just unfamiliar with this Biblical practice of fasting. So, here is a link to a blog post I did a while ago “Fasting = Getting Serious About Prayer” – which will help you grab hold of the idea & heart behind fasting.

Let’s all pray & fast together for our church – for our community – for our Easter Sunday services – & for God to use us to PACK all 3 services! (8:30, 10:00, & 11:30AM)

# 3 –  Accept the U + 2 Easter Challenge!

90% of the people in our area are disconnected from Jesus & His church! That should break our hearts – it breaks the heart of God!

And this Easter Sunday is a God-sized opportunity for us to begin doing something about that! I am challenging every individual in our church – to do flat-out whatever it takes to get 2 people to come with them to Easter Sunday services here. (U + 2)

You might need to invite 20 people & remind them 8 times between now & Easter Sunday in order to get that 2. But you allow God to use you to do whatever it takes to bring 2 people with you – to help us pack all 3 services with people who need to have their lives & eternities impacted by Jesus Christ!

Would you do that? Will you accept that challenge? Question: Who’s life, family, & eternity will be changed because you got bold – audacious – & accepted this “U + 2 Easter Challenge”???

***NOTE: Here is a link to watch my message from this past Sunday — “OFF-ROAD BOLDNESS


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