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Update on our Tornado Disaster Relief efforts

I cannot thank our Eagle Pointe family enough for the way you all have jumped into action to help those affected by last week’s tornado disaster. You all are truly amazing!

In typical Eagle Pointe fashion – we mobilized & have been helping in some of the hardest hit areas of Alabama since the day after the disaster. I ask that you continue to help us collect bottled water, canned goods, non-perishable food/snack items, diapers, formula, toiletries, etc. Supplies can be dropped off at Eagle Pointe any time between 7AM & 6PM Mon – Fri. & on Sundays before & after our 9:30 & 11:00AM services.

Talk with your friends, neighbors, coworkers, bosses, etc & get them involved with this. Monetary donations can also be made online HERE   (please select “local missions”)

Talk with local businesses and see if they will be a collection point for supplies. We have posters, info sheets, etc available.

We have teamed up with a partner church south of Huntsville, where 3 tornadoes hit, to send supplies & work teams. We have also helped set up a roadside mobile kitchen which is serving 2000 meals a day right now. Here is a link to a new/updated video of the work we’re doing – http://www.vimeo.com/23259510

This week we have also been helping on the east side of Birmingham. The devastation is absolutely heartbreaking. An EF5 tornado hit there & it literally looks like a half mile wide steam roller went through the valley.

On Monday I saw firsthand what an EF5 can do & I pray I never have to personally experience one. I hugged, cried, & prayed with an elderly couple who barely survived, but whose son & daughter-in-law were killed. They’re 3 granddaughters & another son are still in critical condition. As horrific as the devastation is – it is these personal stories that really affect you.

This Saturday we have a team leaving Eagle Pointe at 7am to go spend the day working on the east side of Birmingham, where I was on Monday. YOU NEED TO GO WITH US! Contact John Wilcox @ Johnwil@us.ibm.com for more info or just show up before 7am. Bring chainsaws, shovels, rakes, work gloves, etc.

Again, THANK YOU! Thank you for being who you are – amazing people with enormous hearts. Thank you for not just GO-ing to church – but rather BE-ing the church & putting your faith into action! You all are truly amazing & I am honored, humbled, & blessed to be your pastor!

So, LET’S DO THIS! Let’s continue to mobilize, round up money & supplies, & let’s continue to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a real, practical, & tangible way to our neighbors who are suffering right now.


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