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ACCELERATE Series Kicks Off This Weekend

Too often we get all fired up about our spiritual lives – we start a relationship with Jesus – we’re coming to church regularly – & we feel so good about it. For the first few months or years – we’re cruising along that race track – we’re banking & nailing those tight turns – we’re opening it up & going full throttle baby. Life is good & we feel really good about ourselves & our spiritual lives – but then something begins to happen… The engine begins to sputter a bit – we start losing horsepower – & we can’t seem to diagnose the problem.

Want to rev up & accelerate your spiritual growth & relationship with God? Want to open it up & go full throttle in the direction God wants for your life? Then join us Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:00AM at Eagle Pointe Church! Teaching series kicks off this Sunday August 7th.

We’re going to be teaching some big-time, life-changing spiritual truths in a very fun way. Put on your racing gear, invite all of your friends, & don’t miss any of this series!

Check out these 2 promo videos for our Accelerate series…


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