Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

Our Volunteer Army ROCKS!!!

I know I am a bit partial but I truly believe that God has blessed Eagle Pointe Church with, hands down, the greatest volunteers on the face of the planet! I have never seen, or heard of, God assembling so many talented, amazing, incredibly generous, and self-less people in one place before — and most of those attending Eagle Pointe are serving in ministry & allowing God to use them.

I am humbled & so proud to be leading so many people who just “get it”! — That it’s not about us! It’s not about what we want, what we’re comfortable with & what makes us happy — but rather it is ALL about Jesus & the community, area & world He has called us to reach for Him! Our mission of “Leading People to Love God, Love Others, & Serve the World” is happening more than ever!

First and foremost, this is because God is “getting loose” & doing His thing! Eagle Pointe’rs are getting available & allowing God to use them. People are driving a stake through the heart of what they want, are getting out of His way & passionately pursuing what God wants & what the world around us needs.

God has an amazing, mind-blowing fall season lined up for our church family. He is going to do 1 Corinthians 2:9 in our midst so long as WE don’t mess it up!

So my encouragement & challenge to our  amazing church family & world’s greatest volunteer army — keep having a heart that says “It’s not about us”, “God use me”, & “We will do ‘whatever it takes’ to do what God has called us to do!” I love our church & you all are amazing! Let’s team up with God & our church family – & be a part of & experience a God-sized, life-changing, eternity altering fall season!

BTW: Here is a VIDEO of me thanking our volunteers at our Momentum Volunteer Appreciation Hawaiian Luau… It’s rather funny & embarrassing  – but our volunteers are very much worth it…


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