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“Guy-Centric” Church – Trying Not to Neglect the Ladies

As I said this past Sunday, Eagle Pointe church tends to be a rather “guy-centric” church. Most churches tend to be more feminine in nature – they look pretty, they sound pretty & lots of women are drawn to them. However, most guys tend to shy away. In fact, most churches around the country today are trying to figure out how to get guys to darken their doorways, let alone to get them plugged in & connected to the life of the church. There have been several books written trying to help churches reach more guys & get them involved.
At Eagle Pointe, this definitely is not a problem. Most men find our “Guy-Centric” environment to be one where they can feel at ease & comfortable. Men tend not to have any problems connecting, building relationships, & getting involved here. Some of what helps are us having men’s groups, motorcycle riding, & sports events.  We play loud rock n’ roll music, show funny videos, & we do teaching series’ like “Off-Road” (4 x 4’s & mudding), “F-Bomb” (fighter jets & bombers), “Accelerate” (race cars), & our upcoming “Warrior” series (Samurai’s/Ninjas).
To me, one of the funny things about this is how many women tell me that they love our “Guy-Centric” church & to please never change that! I hear this from single women (hmmm???) & I hear this from many married women.
Many ladies tell me, with tears in their eyes, how they had tried to get their husbands in church for 5, 10, 15 years with no success. They’ve tried countless churches & could never get their husbands to come back a second time. Then while getting rather emotional, they tell me how much their husband loves Eagle Pointe & how not only are they coming each week, but that their husband is up early on Sunday, waking the wife up to make sure that they aren’t late. GO GOD!!!
So, we will not be changing our “Guy-Centric” church – & while we don’t do a bad job of this – I do recognize that we need to do a better job of helping the women of our church connect, build relationships, & grow together.
As I shared at the end of my message yesterday, my wife Gina is transitioning out of our children’s ministry & has begun to spend a lot more time  with the women of our church. In addition to this, she is starting a new monthly women’s event called “Women In Focus”. On the 3rd Thursday of each month we will host a time of connecting, relationship building, worship, teaching, & sharing for the ladies of our church & community.
I cannot encourage all of you ladies enough to NOT MISS THIS! You need this! Other ladies need this! So, I hope you will join my wife Gina for the 1st “Women in Focus” event this Thursday Aug. 18th 6:30 – 8:00PM here at Eagle Pointe.
BTW: GUYS – you need to help make sure that your lady is connecting & growing with other ladies as well. Mark this Thursday (& every 3rd Thursday) on your calendar & get your butt home in time to help with the kids, dinner, whatever… Take away the excuses & make sure your lady can make it to this. Neither of you will regret it!

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