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“WARRIOR” Teaching Series – starts Sept. 18

Our new “Warrior” teaching series kicks off on Sunday Sept. 18th – 9:30 & 11:00AM @ Eagle Pointe church. In addition to challenging you to not, under any circumstances, miss this the kick-off or any of this series – & challenging you to take advantage of a series like this & invite everyone you know – I also wanted to share with you some of the heart behind this teaching series.

In every person’s life, there is a cause worth fighting for and a victory worth claiming.  Discover how to not only prepare for the battles ahead, but more importantly, how to emerge victoriously. It’s time to stop playing the role of the nice guy (or girl) & instead live as “The Warrior”!

Let’s be honest – our society has emasculated men & we are bombarded with portrayals of men as bumbling, stumbling, & inept idiots. This has ruined a generation of men & is setting a disastrous precedent/example for young men & boys growing up today.

Sadly, for years even the church has taught men how to just be “nice guys”, when what God has called us to be are – Warriors. In this series we will teach how to prepare for & win every battle that MUST be fought & challenge guys to be the Men – God created & desires them to be!

Men in our society today are bored; they fear risk, they refuse to pay attention to the deepest desires that God has placed within them. If men are going to change from a pitiful, wimpy bunch of “really nice guys” to men who are made in the image of God, they must reexamine their preconceptions about who God is, & recover their true “Warrior” hearts.

We will also address the very real spiritual battle that is being waged in our world today. Spiritual warfare is being waged against our families, homes, churches, communities, & world – whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. To quote from the movie “Lord of the Rings” – “Open war is upon you …whether you would risk it or not.”

***In addition to challenging men, we will also challenge women to be “warrior princesses”, but to not lose the God-given femininity they have been blessed with. We will also strive to help women understand the implications of authentic God-given masculinity in their relationships with men.

Again, I cannot encourage & challenge you enough to not miss any of this series, as well as, use it to reach out to & invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, & anyone God brings across your path over the next several weeks.

***Be sure to watch the 2 promo videos below for this series & share them on your social media…


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