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“Warrior” series kicks off this Sunday – BE THERE!!!

This Sunday at Eagle Pointe we will kick off one of the most powerful & life-changing teaching series’ we’ve ever done! (Let that soak in for a minute) Through this “Warrior” teaching series God is going to radically change lives, marriages, & families (you have my personal guarantee on that).

I hope & pray that you will join us as we learn how to fight & be victorious in life’s battles; learn how to be the Warriors & Warrior Princesses God has created us to be; & learn about the very real spiritual battles that are taking place every day for our lives, families, homes, churches, communities, & world!

Open war is upon you – whether you would risk it or not!” It is time for battle! It is time to fight!

Do yourself & your family a HUGE favor — & do not miss this Sunday at Eagle Pointe church! And PLEASE care enough about & do flat out whatever it takes to get your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, & everyone God brings across your path this week here on Sunday! Also, share our 3 promo videos on your social media (See our Eagle Pointe Facebook page for videos).

PS. If you’d like to know more about the heart behind this series check out “Warrior Teaching Series” blog post.

ALSO – Eagle Pointe’rs: Help us use this series to move towards our goal of “Breaking the 500 Barrier” in this ministry season. (If you don’t know what that means please click the link & find out)


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