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Remembering Haiti & How It All Started…

This weekend my dear friends Pastor Ricardo, his wife Kendra, & 3 kids from Haiti are coming for a visit. They will be staying with us & I can’t wait to hang out with them & we’re taking their kids to the Georgia Aquarium! I will also be interviewing them as a part of our Warrior teaching series at Eagle Pointe church this Sunday 9:30 & 11:00AM.  PLEASE do not miss this Sunday & bring a bunch of people with you.

As we are getting ready for this weekend, (& I & our team prepares to head back to Haiti next weekend) my mind is being flooded with memories – great, tragic, amazing, horrific, God-sized memories of how our work in Haiti began & how our relationship with Ricardo & Kendra Francois began. It also dawned on me that many of you are not aware of a lot of this story. It is an amazing one that will not forget as long as I live!

Below is the video of when I came back from my first trip (we were on the ground 10 days after the earthquake which leveled Port au Prince). It was a very emotional time for me trying to convey to our church & world how bad things really were there – & how God was working in the midst of it all. Below are also 2 videos of our work we have been doing in Haiti.


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