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Lazy/Boring Church Is A Sin!

I must confess that I got burned out on “Pastor’s/Church Conferences” several years ago & I still have not recovered. Whether it was just attending, or the times I had the privilege of being a speaker at them, I always left feeling discouraged & dejected.

The reason for this discouragement & dejection was the number of pastors & church leaders attending in hopes of finding that magic formula, pill, or program that they could just copy & paste or plug n’ play into their church back home.

The bottom line is that if a church wants to be used by God to impact a community – IT TAKES WORK!!! HARD WORK!!! AND LOTS OF IT!!!

For far too long the church has been lazy… that’s right… LAZY. We have sat back on our butt & done nothing, asking God to “do it all” and claiming to be “led by the Spirit.” And then people walk into our boring, lifeless & predictable services & we give “God all the glory” (or the blame!)

One of the things I have realized in reading Scripture though is that Jesus was far from boring – He created experiences for His followers – experiences that they NEVER forgot…do you remember…

  • Jesus walking on water…don’t think for a minute that Peter didn’t think about that moment every time he walked by a lake.
  • The mount of transfiguration. Peter & John were both so blown away by this that they both wrote about it in Scripture.
  • The feeding of the 5,000.
  • The day of Pentecost in Acts 2.
  • Bringing back Lazarus from the dead.
  • Turning water into wine (the Baptists hate that one!)

I could go on & on – the bottom line is that Jesus was constantly creating experiences that communicated to His followers who He was in a way that they would never forget…


Here at Eagle Pointe we meet weekly to brainstorm, plan out, & prepare for the next several Sunday’s. We have creative team meetings, as we will tonight, to think through every aspect of our teaching series’ – sets, decor, special songs, videos, dramas, etc. We are serious about Sunday’s & the experience that is created for the people coming through our doors.

I have had pastors tell me that our process leaves no room for the Holy Spirit… that we are not open to the Holy Spirit’s leading… & quite frankly to me that is a cop-out, an excuse for their laziness!

I am sick and tired of pastors & church leaders blaming their laziness & lack of preparation on the Holy Spirit!!! One of the things that I have discovered is that the Holy Spirit is always at work… & NOT just on Sunday’s – but during creative team meetings, brainstorming sessions, & even in the last couple of week’s as I fasted, prayed, & planned out our teaching series’ for all of 2012!  YES – I actually believe God can speak to you an entire year in advance! (Call me crazy —- & many people do!)

If you attend Eagle Pointe – here is my promise to you. We take church seriously. Everything you see is done with a purpose. We are serious about Jesus… & serious about seeing as many people as possible meeting Him. And because of that fact we are willing to do all that we can to reach those people!

It is our desire NOT to just have a church service – but to create an experience through song, video, messages… & any other tools that the Holy Spirit might choose to place in front of us.

Sure – we’ve been accused of entertaining people… Well,  I would much rather entertain you than bore you!!! Jesus didn’t mind creating experiences… and His church shouldn’t either.

We know GOD is in charge – that HE is ultimately responsible for all that is happening… but we also understand that God works THROUGH people… & that He is honored when people plan, pray, WORK… & then sit back & watch Him make up the difference.

We are serious about making His name famous… & that just can’t happen when church is boring. (Again, I believe a boring church is a sin!!!) SO… we are going to always do all we can to make sure that when you attend church on Sunday – that it is one of the BEST hours of your entire week!!!

Let me also encourage you to not miss a single week of our “Let It Be… Christmas” series kicking off on Sun. Nov. 27th! It will run Sundays in December & 3 services on Christmas Eve. We have put A LOT of time, energy, effort, planning, preparation, & WORK into this series. It will most definitely not be boring & it will be a life & eternity changer for many people. Also, go flat-out crazy inviting people to join you. Below is a sneak peak at 1 of our promo videos for this series…

*** Some ideas borrowed from Dan Southerland, Rick Warren, & Perry Noble


One response

  1. Holly

    I wish they would read in the bible where u should not look at other thorn until you take care of ur own. I know it takes different pastors and church to save people. we r all different. they need to work on thier on sheep and make it better and leaves others alone. I have been to ur church and i love it. so keep the good work up

    November 8, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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