Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

You May Have REALLY Missed Out!

If you missed this past Sunday’s kick-off of our “You Don’t Have What It Takes” series – well – you REALLY missed out! Sorry, but it was a mind-blowing day where God was moving in big-time ways! (Our circus theme complete with popcorn for everyone didn’t hurt either)

While nothing will beat being at Eagle Pointe experiencing everything live & in person – you can watch our messages ONLINE (Also, below is the video of the message from our YDHWIT kick-off) I encourage you to watch it & share it with your friends.

Listen – God IS going to use this series to dramatically change your life if you let Him! Please do not miss this Sunday at Eagle Pointe as we continue our YDHWIT series. Also, please care enough about your friends, neighbors, family members, & others God brings across your path – to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get them here!

I look forward to seeing you & those you bring with you this Sunday!


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