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36,000 Minutes Of Prayer

God has really been working on me lately about the power of prayer.  Prayer is very literally the key that unlocks the door to all that God wants to do in our lives, families, and in our churches.  The problem for too many people is that they view prayer as a last resort – when in reality, it should be the very first step we take before attempting to do anything.  We have recently seen prayers being answered in the form of marriages being restored, addictions being overcome, people being reached for Christ, people re-engaging in a relationship with Christ after years of being away from, and physical bodies being healed.  GO GOD! We have seen God answering our fasting and prayers and our church is growing & reaching people who have not been in church in years, if ever. GO GOD!

However, I still have this unsettled feeling, this ” holy discontent” that there’s so much more that God wants to do here.  I have pastor & missionary friends all over the globe & I hear about how God is moving in other parts of the world – thousands upon thousands of people becoming followers of Jesus each day in Southeast Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, Central and South America.  There are God-sized New Testament type movements taking place all over the globe.  Then I look at what is going on here in America and I wonder – why isn’t God moving like that here.  You know He wants to –– but why isn’t He?

David Cho, pastor of the largest church in the world in Seoul South Korea, once said, “Americans are not willing to pay the price of prayer!” He went on to describe how Americans will pray for something for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but if God does not answer right away they give up praying about it.  David Cho started his church 30 years ago with a handful of leaders who would get up every morning at 4:00AM and spend the first 2 hours of their day praying for God to “give them everyplace they went in the land” (Joshua 1:3). They weren’t just praying for a town or a city – they were praying for God to use them to reach the entire country of South Korea. Heck – with over 1 million people actively involved in their church today – they are well on their way.

It really bothers me that there’s nowhere in the United States where God is moving like that – NOWHERE! Well, I’m beginning to pray for God to “give us everyplace we go in the land“.

I don’t want to just be a part of a church – I want to be a part of a mind blowing movement of God that generations from now will still be talking about.  But again, the key that unlocks the door to that is prayer!  And I’m asking you to join me in praying some big, audacious, God-sized prayers.

To help get this ball rolling in God’s direction if you will – I am challenging you to join me for something I am calling “36,000 minutes of prayer”.  You might be wondering – “What the heck is that?” Well, I want to see our entire church praying for God to move in some huge, huge ways this Easter Sunday 2012.

36,000 minutes of prayer = about 400 people (a conservative estimate of the number of people coming to Eagle Pointe church) committing to spend 3 minutes a day praying for the next 4 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. 3 minutes each day praying for God to “give us the land” – to help us reach an incredible number of people in our community for Him on Easter Sunday.  I hope and pray that you will join us in this effort and encourage others to join us as well.  May God bless you all!


3 responses

  1. Sandy

    Howard, I pray each and every day for you and for our Church, For God to guide you, give you widsom and understanding for his word. I pray for the growth of our Church spiritually, financially and growth wise. I would hope each and everyone of us is already doing that on a daily basis. If not people, I hope that you start. I’m also a firm believer that prayer needs to take place in order for great things to happen.

    March 7, 2012 at 5:47 pm

  2. marvin pemberton

    i would love to present this to my church and use it im going to be honest i too and a last resort prayer type person if i can find a way to do it i would like ur permission to do so please thank you email me and ill give u my number to talk further

    March 13, 2012 at 1:57 am

    • Feel free to use this in any way that might help the cause of Christ. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

      March 13, 2012 at 11:16 am

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