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Social Media, Jesus, & His Revolution (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series – I shared how technology is dramatically changing our world at an incredible pace. Believe it or not, regular email & phone calls are becoming a thing of the past. More & more, messages sent through Twitter & Facebook are becoming the norm. The number of emails in my inbox is becoming less & less, while the number of messages I get through Twitter, Facebook, etc grow every day.

We have a large number of people across the U.S. & around the world who are watching our worship services online each week. Many do not “go to” church because there is not one in their area that they like or feel comfortable in. We plan on having an Eagle Pointe “online campus” in the future, complete with online Life Groups/Small Groups. I hear from those who say, “Well, that’s just not real communication – that’s not real church!” Okay – You go ahead and believe that all day long – because you also don’t believe that a 20 – 30 yr old can text message – Facebook – or Twitter their way to relationships & community – because that’s not real to you. But let me tell you — it is as real to them – as talking face to face is for you & I. I Facebook & Twitter with pastors, missionaries, & people all over the globe. We share pictures & videos with each other – it is a great way to stay in touch & encourage each other.

In the teaching series we’re doing right now @ Eagle Pointe church called “Disciple” (which btw you can watch video, podcast, & listen online @ www.EaglePointe.org) – I have shared how God wants us as Christians, and each of His churches, to be reaching and impacting their communities for Christ. God wants each of us & our churches to be influential for Him. My definition of “missions” is “Influencing my corner of the world for Jesus Christ!” And I believe that technology has now provided us with the tools to be able do this on a larger scale & with greater results, than we could have even dreamed of just a few short years ago.

We, as Christians & Churches, need to be embracing, leveraging, & redeeming technology – specifically social media – to share our faith and spread the message of Jesus. I have 3,000 “friends” on Facebook & 3,500 “followers” on twitter. While I do actually know a good number of those people – there are MANY others who I really don’t know. I get “friend requests” on facebook every day from people I don’t know & I always say “yes” to them because for me it is a tool. The same thing goes for Twitter. I have our Eagle Pointe Church website linked to my page. My videos, blogs, postings on twitter (tweets), etc are all posted automatically to my facebook page. I post videos of our worship services online & on our Facebook pages. I could go on & on about how I use technology as a tool to accomplish my mission – and guess what? It works!

There are a bunch of people here in Atlanta, across the U.S., and around the world who have had their interest in Jesus & Christianity piqued; who have begun a personal relationship with Jesus; and who have started attending churches in their area because of social networking with me on facebook & twitter. There are people in our church today who have committed their lives to Christ, are getting baptized, and are now plugged into the life of our church family – simply because they were social networking with me or someone else in our church. GO GOD!!! Social networking is an amazing way to be able to share your faith with others and tell them about what God is doing in your life & church!

In Part 3 of this series – I will be sharing some very simple & practical steps as to how all of us (pastors, church leaders, christians…) can do this & begin getting involved with “Socialvangelism” (social networking evangelism). Stay tuned!

BTW: If your not on Facebook & Twitter yet – go ahead – jump in – the water is fine. I also encourage you to follow/friend me @howardjkoepka/twitter & howardjkoepka/facebook.


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