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Social Media, Jesus, & His Revolution (Part 3)

In part 1 & part 2 of this series of blogs I have been sharing how technology is dramatically changing our world at an incredible pace. There is a revolution underway in how we communicate, shop, share ideas, learn, build community, and on and on.  I’ve said that Christians & churches need to be embracing, leveraging, and redeeming technology to help us live out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Here at Eagle Pointe Church, we are trying to use technology as the God-given tool I believe that it is. We use our website, our church facebook page, our local & global missions facebook page, e-newsletters, e-invites, this blog, etc to help us reach people for Jesus.

At Eagle Pointe we encourage our people to get their friends, neighbors, & co-workers on our website to watch our worship experiences online, watch videos of events and our work in the community, listen to our band, etc – it’s all about lowering people’s defensive guards and help them feel more comfortable in checking out our church in person. We ask people to send our e-invites for teaching series’ we’re doing & our e-newsletters to their friends to help in inviting them. We also ask them to share my blog to help others see what Eagle Pointe is all about. These are very simple things that can help people reach out to their friends, neighbors, & co-workers and get them into an environment where they can learn about God’s amazing love for each of us.

Today I want to get real practical about how YOU can use social media to “influence your corner of the world for Jesus Christ” (see part 2). Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) is a great way for you to stay in touch with people and share with them what is happening in your life. As Christians, a big part of what is happening in our lives should be God – and our involvement in His church. So, here are some ideas for you to consider & hopefully put into practice – I would also love to hear other ideas from you that I may not have thought of.

1) Get on Facebook and/or Twitter (if you think this is a fad – check out the video from part 1 of this series) – set up an account & if you’re not sure how to do it ask a few friends (you will be shocked at how many people are already doing it).

2) Start sharing! (Don’t just share that your cat puked on your bed – although that is fun to share too)

  • In addition to sharing what’s going on in your everyday life – share about what God is teaching you – how God is working in your life.
  • Share a Bible verse from your quiet time/devotional time.
  • Share an idea/quote/something you learned from a weekend worship message.
  • Share something cool that happened in church – music, drama, video, baptisms – (worship leader faceplanting while getting on stage!!!) – the idea is to pique people’s curiosity about God & your church.
  • Share what you’re praying about and/or how God has answered a prayer & come through for you. Share those “Go God’s” – brag on how good He is!
  • Don’t preach AT people! Simply share what God is doing in your life & in the life of your church.
  • Share upcoming events at your church & invite people to join you.

Here at Eagle Pointe we post just about everything on Facebook & Twitter – these are all tools for our people to use to help make their personal invites a whole lot more effective. Here are some ideas of how to use these tools: (1st – for you newbies to FB & Twitter – with almost everything you see on Facebook you can click “share” or just copy & paste it onto your page – and with Twitter – you can “Re-tweet – RT” )

  • Share/Re-post/Re-Tweet – Event Invitations for new teaching series’ & events we do here at Eagle Pointe.
  • Share/Re-post/Re-Tweet – the pastor’s blog each week.
  • Share/Re-post/Re-Tweet – Promo videos for new teaching series’ & events we do here at Eagle Pointe.
  • Share/Re-post/Re-Tweet – Videos & Pictures from our work in the community & overseas mission work.
  • Share/Re-post/Re-Tweet – Videos of our Weekend Worship Experiences (We post them each week on FB)

Get creative!!! There’s probably a bunch of ideas I haven’t even thought of. But again, the idea is to pique people’s curiosity about Jesus & His church – whether that is here at Eagle Pointe or elsewhere. We’re all supposed to be on the same team!

While there are a lot of dangers & pitfalls when it comes to technology/social media – there is also an incredible upside when it comes to reaching people for Jesus. I truly believe that the apostle Paul & other early church leaders would have KILLED to have had social media back in their day.

The idea is to use technology & not let it use you.  Let’s embrace, leverage, & redeem this amazing tool for God’s glory & the cause of Christ! So, don’t be afraid – jump on in – the water is fine!

I also encourage you to follow/friend me @howardjkoepka/twitter & howardjkoepka/facebook.


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