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Can You Say “Date Night”?

This Saturday April 21st we are doing our next “Great Date Night Experience” here at Eagle Pointe Church.

Most couples want to have a date night – but don’t! Well, we’re going to help you by providing  fun & creative ideas for your date night & “parent’s night out” childcare is available here at Eagle Pointe from 5 – 8PM.

I’ve got to tell you – Gina & I have been doing these Great Date Night Experiences & we’ve been having a blast! They are A LOT of fun, they are crazy, we talk about a lot of stuff, & these Date Nights make for some great memories!

Trust me – YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Drop off the kids here at the church at 5PM, pick up your “assignment” & have a GREAT Date Night! You & your spouse will be glad you did!

PS. Care enough about your friends, neighbors, co-workers & their relationships to get them to take part in this as well.

BTW: In addition to “dating” your spouse – Dads, make time to read this blog post I did on Monday about how… “Dads – You Need To Date Your Daughters” – & DO NOT MISS this Sunday’s Part 2 of our “Parenthood” series at Eagle Pointe.


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