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How to Talk to Teens/Kids about Sex

We are in the middle of our “Parenthood” teaching series at Eagle Pointe church. So far, we’ve been talking about how to give our kids a secure foundation; how we need to talk with them about sex; how to communicate our love to them in a way they understand. The next 2 parts are – how to give them stable authority & how to give them a strong spiritual reality.

If you have missed any of this series – please GO HERE where you can watch, listen, or podcast online.

I had A LOT of requests after last week’s message on “How to Talk to kids/teens about Sex”, to give parents more tools to help them have these conversations. As I said during that message, this is not a one time talk but rather a lifetime conversation. So, in order to give all of us more tools & help us keep this conversation going…

Hare are some tools to help…

1) Here are transcripts from a 5 week teaching series I did for teenagers called “Good Sex”. I encourage you to read & re-read them over & use them as a guide to help you in these conversations… Good Sex – Part 1Good Sex – Part 2Good Sex – Part 3Good Sex – Part 4Good Sex – Part 5

2) Here is the video of the message I did as part of our “Parenthood” teaching series at Eagle Pointe that will be helpful as well… (below)

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