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Get Over Yourself – PLEASE!!!

I thought this video was so funny & so true. We tend to get way too wrapped up in our “First World” problems…

BTW, the term “First World” and “Third World” are still used, but the “system” has lost its meaning because, well, there is no real “Second World” today. Here is some context…

First World: The developed world (like the U.S., Japan, France, etc.).
Second World: The communist world (think the Soviet Union, etc. back in the day).
Third World: The developing world (think most of Africa, for example).

For several years now I have refered to the Third World as the “Two Thirds World” – because the reality is that Two thirds of the world lives there.

Let me try to help frame this idea within the context of some of the criticism that I & Eagle Pointe church gets as it relates to this.

I catch a lot of flak from people about my “constant harping” about the need to “get over ourselves” & realize how much the rest of the world needs our help. I get criticized that too much of mine & our church’s focus is on “others”.  We will put aside for a moment Jesus telling us to “Love God & Love Others”.

People complain that we should be helping  ”our own” – versus people in our community, let alone other states and countries. The reality is that churches such as Eagle Pointe spend thousands & thousands of dollars helping families in our church who have lost jobs, are on the verge of losing their homes, etc – however, we choose not to talk about that so as not to embarrass the families we are helping. We also have many, many people helping & serving at children’s homes, nursing homes, homeless shelters, etc throughout the year – in addition to our Faith in Action Days where we  send our entire church out to serve in our community.

Last year people complained about us helping tornado victims in Alabama versus some areas here in Georgia. The reality is that Alabama was hit 20 x’s harder by tornadoes than Georgia. 30 other churches, that  we knew of, were already heading to help the small parts of Georgia affected – so as we prayed about it (a novel concept I know – allowing God to direct – rather than the whims & whining of people) – we went to Alabama where very little help is getting to.

People complain about us helping in Haiti & other countries. Please! The poorest people in America live like royalty compared to 95% of the population in most 3rd world countries. The poorest communities here in America are like Beverly Hills compared to the 1.5 million families living in tent city slums in Haiti. Sadly, some of these complaints have been racially motivated. Most Americans just need to “get over themselves” & see how 90% of the rest of the world is living. We are working in slums where kids are starving & dying of very preventable diseases, where there is no access to clean drinking water. Millions lost everything in the earthquake & are now suffering & just trying to survive while most of the word has turned a blind eye or forgotten them. So yeah – despite the criticism – we’ll keep on working there. (BTW: I can’t wait to go back to Haiti on June 16th & I’m bringing my daughter Brianna with me)

I encourage you to read this post again, pray about it, watch the above video again – have a good laugh, & then get involved in helping “the least of these” as Jesus commanded us to do!

We live for an audience of One! Pleasing & doing what Jesus commands us to do. If people don’t like it – oh well – life goes on!


3 responses

  1. I thought that video was pretty funny too. We used it for a sermon intro video one weekend at our church.

    July 6, 2012 at 2:10 pm

  2. I would also add. If people don’t like it. I pray that somehow they will get over it. I love you guys and you guys are a blessing to many here. (in Haiti)
    This week alone I had about three people asking me when the clinic people are coming back. There is a family who has a kids with Diareah and they can’t afford doctors. I need to do something for them this week end since that can’t wait till October 13th. So yeah, most people will never understand and know the many People God is allowing yall to touch.
    Keep on the good work. Jesus didn’t say build your church and make it comfy he said go. I find out the best way to get over yoursel is to go help someone else. Love them, instead of always waiting for someone to come love you. Go love someone , then tell me how you feel later.
    God bless you all.

    August 3, 2012 at 2:25 am

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