Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

Buckle Up & Hold On!

I LOVE what God is doing in our church! I LOVE seeing SO MANY new people/families coming through our doors! I LOVE seeing SO MANY people committing their lives to Jesus! (40 people in the last 2 months) I LOVE seeing SO MANY new people/families coming to our Pizza w/ the Pastors & our Membership classes. I LOVE seeing 25 people stand & become members of our church this past Sunday.

I LOVE that we will be baptizing at least 24 people this coming Sunday! I LOVE that our Children’s Ministries are rockin’ & teaching kids about Jesus in fresh & creative ways. I LOVE that our H.S. & M.S. Ministry is impacting SO MANY teenagers in BIG ways for Jesus!

I LOVE that SO MANY of you are using our “Social Networks” series the way it was intended. Yes, to help all of us in our lives & relationships – but also as a tool to invite our community to come find our what Jesus can do in their lives & relationships! I LOVE that many of you have put our “Church for People Who Don’t ‘Do’ Church!” window stickers on your vehicles – IT’S WORKING! People are coming because of them.

I LOVE being able to do life & ministry with some of the greatest staff members, ministry leaders, & volunteers on the planet! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how God is working in & through our church family!

However, here is the catch… WE have to keep doing our part! We have to continue giving God actions, on our part, that He can bless. We have to keep on praying; keep on fasting, keep on serving & doing life together in Life Groups & Ministry Teams. We have to keep on caring about a community where 90% of the people are disconnected from God & His church. We have to keep on Inviting people & encouraging them to come check out what God is doing here at Eagle Pointe!

We have to keep the focus off of ourselves (It’s not about us!) – & keep our focus on others. We have to continue to love, welcome, & embrace all of the hurting & broken people God is bringing through our doors.

And IF we do all of this – God will continue doing His part & blessing our efforts. And IF we continue doing all of this – BUCKLE UP & HOLD ON! Because God is going to take us on one wild, crazy, & mind-blowing ride! And THAT is my continual prayer! I want myself, my family, & our church family to experience every single piece of what God wants to do with us.

So, do me a favor & re-read this post, pray about it – & then let’s keep doing our part & get after this thing!  BTW: Here’s a few things you can do to help us what God is doing here in the immediate future…

1) KEEP INVITING! We have invite cards available in our Cafe every Sunday. Check out my Facebook page & our Eagle Pointe Facebook page for videos, invites, etc that you can share. Help us blow-up Social Media by sharing invites & videos. We are always posting things for you to share.

2) COME TO OUR 9:30AM SERVICE! Most visitors tend to come to our 11:00AM service & this service is getting VERY FULL  for us at Eagle Pointe. We need a good number of people to move to our 1st service & free up some room in our 2nd service. (BTW: When your primary purpose as a church is reaching people for Jesus, growing the Kingdom of God, & fulfilling the Great Commandment & Great Commission – this is a great problem to have!)

3) PARK IN OUR BACK GRAVEL LOTS! (Pssst – Did you know that if you drive past our main Cafe entrance that we have 2 more gravel parking lots around back???) Why don’t you help us by parking in the back lots & make room for new/newer people to park closer to our main entrances?

4) SERVE ON A MINISTRY TEAM! If you are not regularly serving on a ministry team here at Eagle Pointe – we need you to do so. We need all the help we can get to handle what God is doing here. You can stop by our “Find a Team” table in the Cafe & they will help you find a good fit for you.

PS. Do not miss our Momentum Tailgate Party next Sunday Oct. 14th. I will be sharing a lot more about all of this & we have some REALLY BIG surprises in store for you that evening. Again, do not miss it, spread the word, & help us get our entire church family there!


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