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It’s Time For A Tailgate Party!

This Sunday evening Oct. 14th at 6PM we will have our “Momentum Tailgate Party” & YOU ARE INVITED! We have A LOT to celebrate here at Eagle Pointe!  Wear your favorite sports team gear, banners, etc – bring some good tailgate food (potluck – wings, BBQ, chili, whatever…) – and get ready to have some fun! We’ve got some BIG-TIME surprises in store for you all – that you will definitely not want to miss! Trust me!!!

In case you’re not familiar with Momentum’s – this is our bi-monthly meeting/party/event for everyone who volunteers/helps/serves somewhere at Eagle Pointe. (Also, those interested in possibly jumping in).

This is also a vehicle by which we can better communicate with our core, our stakeholders, those who make things happen here at Eagle Pointe. This is where we can have those family discussions about what we’re dreaming about, working towards, & what’s coming down the pipeline – the things we won’t dive into in our weekend worship experiences. So, PLEASE mark your calendar, clear your schedule & make Sunday @ 6PM, & every “Momentum”, a big-time priority & don’t miss them. 

Strongly encourage everyone you know who is volunteering (or would like to) to not miss this Sunday evening & I can’t wait to see you there!!! (*Note: Childcare is provided) Check out the promo video below…


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