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Top 10 Posts from 2012

top-10As we wrap-up 2012 & get ready to kick-off 2013 – I want to thank so many of you who are subscribed to my blog, and who for some reason enjoy reading the random thoughts of my very unconventional mind.

After getting numerous requests I decided to post my Top 10 most read & most shared posts from 2012. So, here they are:

#10How to Talk with Kids & Teens About Sex – A rather popular post with the parenting set who are trying to guide their kids through our sex-saturated society.

#9Rev Up Your Church Announcements – Church announcements don’t have to be boring & monotonous.

#8How Comfortable Do Visitors Feel in Your Church? – A great reminder for all churches who give a flip about reaching people for Jesus.

#7Jesus, Social Media & His Revolution – This was a 3 part series about how churches & Christians can & should use Social Media to help fulfill the Great Commission.

#6Why Do Churches Do This? – The attention this one got surprised me. It was just a rant I went on about churches trying to swap sheep rather than actually reaching anybody for Jesus.

#5Yes – We’re All About the Numbers! – Thank you Steven Furtick for helping with this one.

#4Dads You Need to Date Your Daughters – This one really hit home with A BUNCH of dads & moms alike.

#3Get Over Yourself Please! – As much as I blasted typical American church/Christianity in this one – it was the most shared post of 2012. I’m sure the very funny video with it helped.

#2Christians, Dumbasses & Politics – After a wild & crazy election season I was pretty ticked at all the social media posts from “christians” before & after the election.

#1 was actually a tie between 2 posts…

#1BPastors/Leaders – Keep It In Your Pants! – This one should be self explanatory – but a great gut-check for anyone serving/leading in ministry.

#1AEvery Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday! – Every church leader needs to grab a hold of the fact that if your church is doing what Jesus commanded – then every single Sunday eternities literally hang in the balance.

2012 has been a great year & I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store!


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