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T-Minus ONE Day – LET’S DO THIS!!!

Orphanage Benefit Concert - FB 1

We are now ONE DAY away from our BIG Benefit Concert to Build an Orphanage in Haiti. I CANNOT STINKIN’ WAIT!!!

Take a minute & check out another post about this event – “We’re Just Ticking Off Everybody!

Cowboy Troy, Courtney Dickenson, the Dallas Martin Band, our own Eagle Pointe band, the ATL Falcons Cheerleaders, former professional wrestlers Rick Steiner & Lex Luger, & other special guests. We’ll also have food, drink, auction & raffle items, & much more for only $30 a ticket ($20 for college students). All of this while helping a GREAT cause!

So, here is what we need your help with… TICKET SALES! TICKET SALES! TICKET SALES!

We are working hard & praying hard to sell out Electric Cowboy with 3000 people. Please help us by lighting up social media a few times a day between now & then (you can use graphics & video – above & below); invite all of your friends, co-workers, etc (Make it an office party at our event). We can give you flyers to hand out at colleges, businesses, shopping centers…

Get creative, help us pack out the concert, & let’s get this orphanage built! I hope to see you there!

PS. Eagle Pointe’rs – There are A LOT of your friends who might not be ready to come to church yet – but I bet they would come to this. Why don’t you get busy inviting them???


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