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A Mind-blowing Week in Haiti

IMG_2844I am still processing all that we did & experienced this past week in Haiti. Serving 2000 people medically in our clinic, in tent cities & in orphanages. Building homes for families who live under a piece of tarp or in a tent.

The abject poverty & unsanitary conditions that millions in Haiti live in daily. The diseases & illnesses that are killing so many there is just unimaginable & overwhelming.

But the images that haunt me are the faces of the 100’s of children we work with in the orphanages there. It’s hard enough for anyone to survive in these conditions even when they have a family to lean on & help them. But these littlest ones have no one!

I am so grateful for the opportunity that God gives us, & that your donations give us, to serve “the least of these” as Jesus commanded us to. I am so grateful to see so many people who we helped/served on previous trips – who are now a part of our local church in Carrefour. I am so grateful that I & our church gets to play a part in the amazing work God is doing in Haiti.

THANK YOU to those who generously support our work in Haiti. Your donations are literally saving lives, as well as, opening the door for our local church there in Carrefour to be able to minister to & meet the spiritual needs of their local community. Many people where we work in Haiti continually thank us for “not forgetting them” – they say we are the only group who continues to come back again & again & help their community. So I convey that same “thank you” to you on behalf of them.

IMG_2800Our next trip will be June 8 – 15 & we are going to need your support again. We will need to raise about $4500 to buy medical supplies & we will need $4000 to build homes in Haiti. Quick story: I have a 7 yr old little buddy in Carrefour named Oscar (see pic to the left). Oscar hunts me down every time I’m there & he follows me around. Our teams say that he has “Howard radar”. No matter where I am or where we are working – Oscar WILL find me. One day last week Oscar took I & our team by his “home” to meet his mom & new little sister. This family of 5 lives in a little 8ft x 8ft shed. Mom gave me a big hug – Oscars face is beaming – & as mom is talking with my translator, the translator looks at me with this concerned/perplexed look on his face. Evidently, my little buddy Oscar had been telling his mom & siblings that “his friend Howard was going to build their family a home & paint it blue“. (This was news to me!) However, I would really love to make this amazing young boy’s dream come true!

***Please pray about how you might be able to help with our June medical/construction mission trip.

BTW: This Sunday at Eagle Pointe we will show a video/slideshow of this most recent mission trip. I hope to see you there!

You can also see lots of pictures from our trip & work there on my facebook page & our Serve The World facebook page.


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