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I Am That Hero 5K – Only 19 Days Away!!!

EPC - Hero 5K - Billboard

We are now less than 3 WEEKS AWAY from the big event & there are many aspects of this that we need your help in getting done right away. Please make time to go through the items below & see what you can do…

1)      Sponsors, Sponsors, Sponsors! We need local businesses to become sponsors of our event. Here is a “EPC – Hero 5K – Sponsor Pack” to share with potential sponsors & a EPC – Tax ID – letter letter to show that all sponsorships & donations are tax-deductible. (Please talk with your own company & start hitting up other area businesses) ***ALSO – We need restaurants to be food sponsors (They set up a table & give away samples of their food & promote themselves. For doing this they get all the benefits of a $350 sponsorship)

2)      We need people the next 2 weekend to go to different 5K’s in our area & pass out postcards about our 5K to runners as they finish. (Preferably our people would be in superhero costumes while doing this) ***NOTE: If you can help with this contact Jason Adams right away – (678) 231-2091 or  jasonadams9@hotmail.com (4/13 CASA Superhero Run Woodstock, 4/13 Boulderdash 5k Cumming, 4/20 Runningnerds 5K Atlanta, 4/20 Sweetwater 5K Atlanta, 4/20 Run the River Roswell)

3)      Marketing & Promotion. Help us blow up social media about this, tell all your friends, co-workers, etc. Check out & “Like” our I Am That Hero 5K Facebook page & start sharing about this with your friends. Also – we need people to contact local community news outlets to let our community know & local news (papers, TV, radio) to cover the event.

4)      We need gift cards from restaurants, stores, movie theaters, etc to give away as “Thank You’s” to local heroes who attend our race. (So we will need A LOT of these!!!)

5)      We need items to give away to participants & to put in their goody bags. These could be running related, superhero related, or it could have no tie in whatsoever. (The more free stuff the better!) Get creative with ideas!

6)      We need people to visit local police stations, fire stations, hospitals, medical centers, military stations, etc – to ask them to come/bring a team, be a part of our event & allow our community to honor them. (We have posters, flyers & postcards at the church office)

7)      We need people to go to local stores, restaurants, etc to ask them to put up a poster promoting our race.

(We have Sponsor Info Packs, Posters, Registration forms, & postcards available at the church office)

We want this to be a huge, over-the-top event that people will be talking about & looking forward to the next one. Again, get creative & help us to that end.

***NOTE: We will have an All Volunteers Meeting this coming Sunday 4/14 (right after 2nd service) that we need everyone to be at. Mark Vescio, our run promoter, will be there to discuss what needs to be done in the last 2 weeks leading up & where all we need people to help the day of. PLEASE BE THERE & encourage your friends to come as well.

I believe this will be an amazing event on many different levels & thank you again for your willingness to help us pull this off.

EPC - IAmThatHere5K - Slide 1


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