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Oklahoma Disaster Relief Update – 05-22-13

EPC - Oklahoma Disaster Relief

On Monday one of the worst tornadoes in Oklahoma history hit with devastating consequences. It’s a tragic time, but it’s also a time for us to come together as a church and serve those affected, to bring hope and comfort in this great time of need.

As is our model with all of our mission work – we are teaming up with a local church, Eagle Heights Church, in Moore, Oklahoma to assist them in helping their community. Eagle Heights Church has already mobilized & they are using their church building as a warehouse for supplies & as a staging ground for volunteer efforts. Again, our goal is to come up underneath this local church & help them have the resources they need to help their local community in this terrible time of need.

Kitchen - Mobile - Disaster

We also have teamed up with some folks we have worked with in tornado disasters in the past in Alabama & Georgia. They have a large mobile kitchen capable of providing 10,000 meals a day. We have already given them money to help in their efforts & they are leaving for Oklahoma this morning.

At this point, shipping supplies is cost prohibitive – however, we are taking monetary donations online at http://bit.ly/mfMJbK (***Select “Disaster Relief”) & we will be taking donations this Sunday at church. These donations will be given to Eagle Heights church & our mobile kitchen to help meet immediate needs of the victims of this tornado.

As a church, what do we do now? We wait. Actually, we give & we wait! Response teams are on the ground and it will take several days to assess damage and do search and rescue. I’ve already had several people asking when we can send a team to help. As we have worked in numerous disaster zones in the past, we know that not much can be done by volunteer teams in the 1st week or two after a disaster of this magnitude.

We will most likely do that this summer, however, we do not want to get in the way & hinder rescue efforts. There will be power companies dealing with all of the downed power lines, etc. We also have to wait for insurance adjusters to do their job before homeowners can begin any real clean up of their property.

Allow the Disaster teams to do their jobs and save as many people as possible. Then, we can come along side of them & Eagle Heights and be the Church to those in need. So, in the meantime, give & GIVE BIG to support these efforts! (We will keep you posted about future disaster relief/mission trips)

Thank you all for your support and prayers. With Christ, we’ll see the other side of this disaster and bring hope to the hurting families of Moore. God Bless!


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