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Eagle Pointe’rs – We Need Your Help!

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As most of you know, last Sunday we cancelled all of our church services for Faith in Action Sunday. We sent our entire church out to help/serve at different locations around our community. It was a truly amazing day & I am so proud of all of you who participated in this. (BTW: We will show a video of our Faith in Action Sunday this Sunday June 23 at Eagle Pointe. Invite your friends to come & see it.)

However, here’s how we need your help now: By not having church services, we also did not have any offerings (money) coming in either. And guess what? Bills still need to be paid!

So, please double up & give big & generously this Sunday to help us make up for this, as well as, to help us with the cost of supplies from all of these work projects. You can also GIVE ONLINE if you’re not going to be here this Sunday. (BTW: You really don’t want to miss this Sunday at Eagle Pointe! We kick-off our incredible “Faith & Reason” series. We’ll show our Faith in Action Sunday & our Haiti Mission Trip videos. It will be an amazing day!)

Also, ONLINE GIVING is a great way for you to stay faithful in your support of God’s Work here at Eagle Pointe through the summer months & year-round)

THANK YOU for being a church family who are always very generous with your time, talents, & resources. YOU ALL ROCK!!!


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