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Right on Cue – The Pitchforks & Torches are Coming


I told our church back at the beginning of this year, that we we’re going to be doing things in 2013 & beyond in order to reach people that no other churches are reaching. I shared that we have 100’s & 100’s of church here on the north side of Atlanta & yet – 90% of people in our area are disconnected from God & His church. I shared how this was completely unacceptable to me & that it should be to them as well.

I shared how many churches & “christians” were going to get pretty upset & indignant at the things we would do to reach people for Jesus – that other churches were not reaching. I also let them know that some of them would become upset & leave Eagle Pointe church over the things we would do. 6 months later – what I shared that evening with about 150+ leaders & volunteers in our church seems rather prophetic.

I & our church have been catching flak about how we do ministry for years now. When you go outside the traditional church box – “religious people” tend to lose their minds. Churches get upset that we reach drug addicts, alcoholics, divorcees, people with baggage from their past, etc. We call it “Church for people who don’t ‘do’ church!” We accept & embrace everyone regardless of their past or condition of their lives today. In addition to accepting them when they come to us, we also go to where they are – & a lot of “religious people” can’t handle that.

In January, we did a Benefit Concert with Cowboy Troy at Electric Cowboy (a country bar/nightclub in our area) – to raise money to build an orphanage in Haiti. And as predicted – we were bashed & demonized for this. I had pastors blast me for “leading people astray” & “leading people into ‘a den of sinners “. REALLY? #1 – The people who run Electric Cowboy are some genuinely good & decent people. #2 – A lot of the people who go there are good people. #3 – I like country music & country dancing – deal with it! (BTW: After our benefit concert all of the bartenders & waitresses from Electric Cowboy came & gave me the tip money they made to put towards the orphanage) Here’s a post I did in January leading up to this event – “We’re Just Ticking Off Everybody“.

Then in April we did our “I Am That Hero 5K” to honor our community’s Local Heroes – Police, Fire, Medical, Military, etc. We teamed up again with the folks at Electric Cowboy to pull off this event. We had over 600 people come out & it was an absolutely amazing event! However, as predicted we caught a whole lot of flak from area churches & “religious people”.

BTW: Over the last 6 months, as predicted, we have had some people leave our church over all of this. However, we have also had a whole lot of new people coming to our church. Most of these people had been turned off by & wanted nothing to do with anything related to “church”, until having an opportunity to interact with us at these events. And guess what? In May, we baptized 54 people at a lake near our church. GO GOD!!!

I’ll gladly take all the flak people want to fire at me/us; have a handfuls of people get upset & leave our church; in exchange for reaching a bunch of people for Jesus that no other churches are reaching, all day long!

And now – right on cue – here’s comes the self-righteous, indignant mobs with pitchforks & torches! They are upset that we are doing a Motorcycle Ride/Poker Run, Car & Motorcycle Show, Motorcycle Stunt Show, & Benefit Concert at Electric Cowboy. Motorcycles, “those people”, bars, beer drinking – what kind of a church & what kind of Christians take part in, let alone put on, these kinds of events? WE DO!!!

Especially when all the proceeds from this event are going to help a sweet, 9 year old, little girl get the heart surgery she desperately needs. We are calling the event – “Saving Grace” (the little girl’s name is Grace).

BTW: I have a feeling that if Jesus were still here in the flesh, that He would be at all of these events with us – going to where people are – meeting needs & helping others – not sitting in the comfort of our holy little huddles with the pharisees, waiting until people come to us. I’m pretty sure that’s what Jesus modeled for us in the Gospels. And guess what? He caught A LOT of flak from the angry religious mobs as well.

I hope that you will join us for the Saving Grace event. Please tell everyone you know & help us promote this. Visit our WEBSITE to register for the event & be sure to check out & “Like” our SAVING GRACE FACEBOOK PAGE for lots of info leading up to this amazing event.

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