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Can I, Me, Someone Like Me, Host a Life Group?

EPC - Life Groups - Host

We are gearing up for our Fall Life Group Semester here at Eagle Pointe. We have 25 Life Groups currently meeting & with all the people we’ve seen come to Eagle Pointe in the last several months – we REALLY need to start a bunch of new groups! And with so many people coming from surrounding areas – we need to start groups in Dallas, Hiram, Powder Springs, Cartersville, Woodstock, etc.

Our desire is to see every person attending Eagle Pointe to be doing 3 Things: Attend each Sunday, Serving/Volunteering in a Ministry, & being a member of a Life Group. Life Group is how Eagle Pointe members & attendees connect & grow in community. In order to serve in ministry, each of us needs to be growing in our spiritual walk & serving out of the overflow of what God is doing in our lives. Life Groups give us a forum where we can support each other, grow spiritually & do life together.

So, I challenge you to seriously consider opening up your home to host a group. You might be wondering, “Me? Someone like me? You want ME to host a group?”. And the answer would be, “YES! Do you love Jesus, love people, and love Eagle Pointe Church? Then YES you!

“But, but, don’t I need to be some kind of “Bible expert”?  Definitely not! The most important things that you need are a desire to serve the members of your group and to grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When you take this step of faith, through prayer, God’s Holy Spirit will give you what you need to be an effective Host. Eagle Pointe provides Life Group Discussion guides which go more in depth into the message from the previous Sunday. If you can read a list of discussion questions – then you can handle this! We can also provide book recommendations (read & discuss a chapter a week) & video curriculums that provide expert teaching to your Life Group. Your host responsibility is to facilitate the discussion around that teaching using provided resources. *NOTE: We also offer training to help you develop as a Life Group host/leader.

“Are there a bunch of requirements to being a Life Group host/leader?” Ummm, NO!  The only requirements are that you are a follower of Jesus & that you must be a member of Eagle Pointe Church or commit to becoming a member within 60 days.

“But I don’t have any experience doing something like this!?!?” Again, do you love Jesus, love people, and love Eagle Pointe? Do you have a willing heart & a few open seats in your living room? Can you read a list of discussion questions or discuss a chapter from a book? Than YOU can do this! Again, we also offer training to help you develop as a Life Group host/leader.

“What kind of people will be in this group?” Well, some of our groups are affinity groups (ie. Couples, Empty Nesters, College age, Parents of teens, Singles, Women, Men, etc.). However, in most cases people in your geographic area (close to where you live) will be the make up of your group. Be sure to invite your own friends that you enjoy hanging out with.

“Can I host a Life Group if I have a small home or apartment?” Sure, asfter your group gets to a certain size all you have to do is say you are full or you can subgroup into smaller groups in several areas in the house. Subgrouping can actually be more fun for everyone, but it’s really up to you. Ideally though, each Life Group should be having new groups branching out from their group each semester.

“Can I invite people who do not attend Eagle Pointe?” Absolutely! Inform your friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers and casual acquaintances about your Life Group. Most of Eagle Pointe’s study materials are appropriate for both believers and seekers. Pray for God’s guidance as you can make an eternal difference in the lives of others.

“My schedule is pretty busy! When will my Life Group meet?”  You tell us! Groups meet at the time, place, and day of the week that best ministers to the needs of the groups. Whether it’s 5 a.m. on Fridays for a men’s group, Sunday night for a couples group, or Tuesday night for a ladies group. If you are starting a new group, you should choose the time and place that is convenient to you, the leader, then people who can meet your schedule will be attracted to your group.

Again, we REALLY need to start several new Life Groups & I challenge you to seriously pray about & consider opening up your home! *NOTE: Our Fall Life Group Semester starts Sept. 8th – but we need to send our new L.G. Brochure off to the printers right away.

***So, if I did not answer your questions/address your excuses here 😉 – or if you are up for accepting this challenge to help people connect deeper in their relationship with Jesus & with others here at Eagle Pointe – please email Tim Roman right away.

I hope to see you on Sunday Aug. 25th at 5pm as Tim Roman & I lead a Meeting/Training with all of our Life Group hosts/leaders for our Fall Semester.


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