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Christmas Conspiracy – Part 4

I’ve been doing this series of blogs this week called “Christmas Conspiracy“. My hope & prayer is to maybe help us not to get caught up in the greed & consumerism that is so much a part of Christmas in America today. I though the week BEFORE Thanksgiving & Black Friday was a good time to try to help us all “do” Christmas right this year. I pray you will help spread the word about what I’ve been sharing this week in this 4 part series.

If you missed “Serve the World: Christmas Offering – Part 1,  Part 2,  & Part 3” please go back read them to better understand this post in context.

I propose that we “DO” Christmas different this year. Rather than buying into the frantic, crazy, stressful, non-stop month of parties, shopping, & trying to make sure that our friends, families, & kids have lots of “stuff” to do & presents to open – let’s just SLOW DOWN! RELAX! And ENJOY what this season is really about. As my daughter Brianna once told me when she was about 6 yrs old – “Christmas is about 3 things: 1) Celebrating Jesus, 2) Spending time with family, & 3) Helping those in need!” DANG! I love that girl! THAT pretty much sums it up!

BTW: That’s a lot of what our December message series “U2 Christmas” is all about. We’re using music & video from one of the greatest bands of all time to talk about The Greatest Message of all time! (Also, check out our U2 Christmas promo video here). It will run each Sunday in December & on Christmas Eve at Eagle Pointe .

This “Serve the World: Christmas Offering” is ALL about Brianna’s #3 – Helping those in need. I ask that you join us in helping provide for Children’s homes, Homeless shelters & struggling families locally, as well as, provide food, schooling, immunizations, medical care & the love of Jesus Christ in parts of the world where the average family lives on less than $2 a day. As well, this offering will fund the local mission work, community service days (Faith in Actions), & benevolence assisting struggling families with financial needs & counseling. Our goal is to raise $30,000. (This is above & beyond the approx. $30,000 it takes to run our church & ministries each month) This is also a rather modest amount considering the incredible amount of work we do with this amount of money.

Please join us in praying that God will FAR surpass our goal! Please pray about cutting back on the “stuff” of Christmas – give your best gift to Jesus this Christmas – & help us truly “Serve the World” in Jesus’ name in 2012!  In addition to giving on Sunday mornings at Eagle Pointe – you can also give generously towards this effort by GIVING ONLINE.

We are also encouraging our church family that if they feel the need to buy Christmas gifts – then let your Christmas Gifts be “on a mission for God”. We are offering “Serve the World Gift Certificates” that can be given as gifts & let people know that rather than get them a gift they probably don’t need – that a certain amount had been given to those less fortunate in their name.

Lastly, I hope & pray that you will help us make this a Christmas to remember!


2 responses

  1. eagleeins

    Howard – I agree with your daughter as well…..however, is it really all about greed and consumerism? I don’t think so.
    Let me quote Michael Douglas, a.k.a. Gordon Gecco: “Greed is good!” It drives the very consumerism and capitalistic approach that enables us to earn and profit from our efforts and it also supports our ability to support our church.

    In my humble opinion it is all about limitation! Too much of anything is not good – everything in moderation is great. These concepts truly apply to everything in life!

    We, like many others, give to Eagle Pointe every month and additional amounts throughout the year, we participate and support church functions and donate additional funds to four or five other organizations that support those in need.
    If I have the means and the desire to make material gifts towards friends and family during the holiday or any other occasion for that matter, than I do that without feeling bad and without having any doubts that others might not be as blessed or lucky as I am perceived to be.

    “Giving” in many people’s minds unfortunately involves money as a means to an end. If that principle would be applied in moderation and equally distributed as a donation vs. just buying temporary material happiness, life would be much better. Of course, we all know we do not live in the perfect world – we are just here temporarily, trying to make the best of it for others and ourselves.

    Just my $0.02.

    God bless!

    November 21, 2013 at 6:57 pm

  2. You are correct. I enjoy nice things & enjoy getting my wife & kids nice things. However, as I stated in 1 of the 4 parts in this series of blogs. We personally figure out how much we can afford to spend on Christmas & we give 1/2 towards God’s work & 1/2 we spend on gifts.

    November 21, 2013 at 7:14 pm

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