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Give Cobb & Paulding the Bird!

EPC - Give Cobb & Paulding the Bird

Thanksgiving is less than a month away! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Family. Friends. Food. Football – what’s not to love? It is a time a year where people quit all their griping, complaining, & selfishness & instead, take time to sit down to a good meal with family & friends & be thankful for how truly blessed we are.

Sadly, there are hundreds of people & families in Cobb & Paulding who will go without a Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Times are tough for a lot of people & this year we at Eagle Pointe are going to do all we can to make sure on Thanksgiving Day everyone sits down to a great meal.

We can sit around like most people and talk about what we are going to do – or we can take action and GIVE COBB & PAULDING THE BIRD!

Eagle Pointe is organizing this initiative for our area, but this is an event that EVERYBODY in our area needs to get behind.

In addition to collecting for our Winter Survival Kits for the Homeless during November & as part of our Faith In Action Day on Nov. 22 – we are going to provide Thanksgiving Meals for 50 – 100 struggling families. We’ve got 3 weeks to pull this off & in order to make this happen, some mountains need to be moved very quickly. Please talk with all of your friends, co-workers, boss, etc & help to round up sides & desserts, and/or donations to help purchase Turkeys. I’m still nailing down details, but please CLICK HERE for more info on this effort.


We’ll change the way you think about church!

For the last several years, one of the biggest things we have been attempting to do at Eagle Pointe is to “change the way people think about church“.  You might be wondering: “WHY would we want to change the way people think about church?” Well, most people in our world who don’t go to church aren’t necessarily turned off from God. They’re turned off from church! They’re turned off from Christians! Why? When many people think about church and Christians they think of words like:

  • Boring
  • Irrelevant
  • Judgmental
  • Stuffy
  • Hypocritical
  • After my money

SO when we re-started Eagle Pointe, one of our primary goals was to “Change the way people think about church” – because if we change the way they think about church, we can change the way they think about Jesus! We can help them see that Jesus is incredibly relevant to their lives today – and that having a relationship with Him is a whole lot more simple, fun, rewarding, and fulfilling than they could ever imagine!

Changing the way people think about church is our motivation behind our:

  • Casual, Contemporary, & highly Relational Atmosphere
  • Great music people can relate to
  • Dramas with a sense of humor that connect with the heart and mind
  • Messages that are relevant, understandable, and that help people Monday thru Saturday – not just on Sunday
  • Fun & Engaging children’s and teen environments
  • REAL people doing REAL life!

If you haven’t been into church for a while – PLEASE give it another shot at Eagle Pointe. We’ll change the way you think about church!

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Haiti Mission Trip & How You Can Help…

EPC - Haiti Mission - Needs
We will have a mission team heading back to Haiti July 20 – 27
. We will run a free clinic for the week seeing 400+ families a day. We will also be providing medical care at 2 orphanages & tent cities that we work with. In addition, we will be doing some construction projects at a local church, as well as, building homes around the local community. And we need your help to pull this off!

Below is a list of supplies needed for our Haiti mission trip. As well, there is also a list of the money for projects we need to fund-raise between now & thenPLEASE help us round up these supplies & donationsWe need supplies dropped off at Eagle Pointe by Sunday July 13th – so we can pack everything up & have it ready to go.

If you are unable to bring items to Eagle Pointe – again, donations of money are definitely needed (we will be buying a lot of needed supplies in Haiti – easier than carrying it all & supports the local economy). You can donate online HERE  (be sure to select “Haiti”)  or email me.

Money – fundraised:

  • $2000 – medical supplies for free clinic we run while there.
  • $3,500 – building materials for homes (purchased in Haiti)
  • $600 – local laborers to assist w/ construction projects

General Items:

  • Tooth brushes
  • Tooth paste
  • Small toys, dolls, etc to giveaway to children (LOTS of small items are easier to pack in suitcases & can cover more kids – ‘happy meal size’ is ideal)
  • Candy to giveaway to children (lg bags of smaller pieces)
  • Multi-Vitamins (Children & Adult)
  • Reading glasses (varying strengths)
  • Large Suitcases (We need 16 of these)

Medical Items: (We need LOTS of these medical supplies) (Donations to help purchase these are greatly needed as well)

  • Anti-fungal medicine (Lotrimin or other otc athletes foot meds)
  • Permethrin 5%
  • Neosporin/polysporin
  • Benadryl  (tabs & children’s liquid)
  • Ibuprofen (adult and children’s liquid)
  • Acetaminophen (adult and children’s liquid)
  • 1 % hydrocortisone cream or other prescription steroid cream
  • Antibiotics by prescription  (Amoxicillin, Keflex, Bactrim, Ciprofloxacin, Augmentin, etc)
  • Mebendazole by prescription
  • Antibiotic eye drops – by prescription
  • Visine and Visine allergy
  • Albuterol inhaler by prescription

Please help us make a difference in the lives of so many struggling people & families in Haiti & show them the real, practical, & tangible love of Jesus!

BTW: If you are unfamiliar with our work in Haiti – here is a glimpse of just some of what all we do…

Faith In Action Sunday – What You Need to Know

EPC - Faith In Action Sunday - Web

This Sunday June 8th we’re canceling all of our weekend worship services and sending our entire church out into our community to help and serve those in need.  Basic premise – “Don’t just go to church – BE the church!

I cannot wait for this day when we have a few hundred people working at a children’s home near red top mountain, doing mini-home improvement makeovers for single moms in our area, working at a Children’s Home, & doing some projects around our church.

We will mobilize a small army to head out into our community to serve in real, practical, & tangible ways. This is the model Jesus gave us – meet people’s physical needs & then the door is thrown wide open to begin meeting their spiritual needs. What a great way to demonstrate what Jesus is ALL about – by GOING, DOING, & BEING what Jesus has commanded us to.

In, addition to YOU joining us for Faith in Action Sunday – I hope that you will invite your friends, neighbors, & co-workers to come join you. Get them involved in helping others & making a difference in our community. A church doing this kind of thing does not compute for most people & blows them away. Who knows? Maybe this is the kind of thing that will resonate with those you know who are disconnected from God & His church. Maybe this will “change the way THEY think about church” & help them get connected. Give it a try!

Below is a list of our Faith in Action locations, as well as, a link you can click for a “project info sheet” for each location. These sheets explain the work being done, what you can bring, directions of where to go, etc. Please be sure to get the info for your location. (***After you have signed up – if you have not heard from a Project Coordinator  – we may have read your email address wrong on the sign up sheet. Please email them a.s.a.p.  Each project leaders email is listed on the info sheets below…

We ask that you arrive at your location no later than 8:45AM (you won’t hurt our feelings if you’re early). At 8:45AM each location will have a group meeting & prayer time before starting to work.

Flowering Branch Children’s Home – FIA – Location Info – Flowering Branch

Heroes 4 Heroes (Lunches for local Police & Firefighters) – FIA – Location Info – Heroes 4 Heroes

Single Mom/House Angels – Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to work on this location at this time. Please pick another location to go to.

Working on Projects at Eagle Pointe – FIA – Location Info – Eagle Pointe

Also, below is a video to give you an idea of what will be doing this Sunday!

I look forward to seeing all of you at Faith In Action Sunday – it is going to be an amazing day of God working in so many lives!

BTW: We do this twice a year & the next one will be at Thanksgiving time.

Easter is Almost Here! Help us get ready!

EPC - Easter 2014 - Graphic - Website

I am SO looking forward to the Easter Celebrations we have planned for this Sunday! As we are working our tails off getting ready for you & the people you bring with you on this BIG day – here are some specific things that YOU can do as we prepare to celebrate Easter at Eagle Pointe:

1. Invite your friends!

It’s always amazed me that although we know many of our friends are LOOKING for a church to attend on Easter, we still feel nervous when inviting them. Maybe it’s the fact that we all feel a bit nervous when talking about things that are important to us. The truth is, when you invite a friend to join you for church on Easter they very often will come, and even if they cannot, they’ll appreciate the fact that you thought of them.

We have invite cards available at church for you to hand out. Check out my Facebook page & our Eagle Pointe Facebook page for videos, invites, etc that you can share. THANK YOU to so many of you who are helping blow-up Facebook by sharing invites & videos to “Easter at Eagle Pointe”! IT’S WORKING!!!

We will have Easter road signs everywhere in our community you can use as a discussion starter (“Hey, have you seen…). Also, I will be sending out an e-mail invitation that you can easily send to all of your friends. Our Eagle Pointe website also has information & the times of our Easter services.

Again, more people will attend church on Easter than any other day of the year. Studies show that 3 out of 4 people would attend an Easter church service if they were invited by someone they know. Let me encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and really make an effort to bring as many people as you possibly can this Easter. Don’t forget our “One Invite Changed My Life” Challenge.  Offer to pick them up and drive them here. (In fact, carpooling will help with parking!!!Don’t just invite – BRING them with you!

2. Come to worship and serve this Sunday!

If your friends are meeting you here rather than riding with you, make plans to worship in either the 9:00am or 12:00pm hour & then serve in another hour. We will need lots of help in the children’s ministry and host team – if you are able to help out please contact Tim Roman for Host team – Lisa Skelly for Elementary ministry or Baby/Preschool ministry A.S.A.P.

3. Help us free up seats & parking spaces.

Parking WILL be an issue this Easter weekend! Please help us by carpooling if at all possible (your family doesn’t need to arrive in 2 or 3 cars separately).  Volunteers (especially those who will be here for 2 or 3 services) – please pack out our back gravel lots behind the church. People not being able to find a parking spot does not make for a very good 1st impression.

***AND – please attend our 9:00am or 12:00pm celebrations. Most visitors will come at 10:30am & we do not want them to have difficulty finding a seat or parking space.

4. Help out in any way that you can.

If you see ANYTHING that needs to be done – a piece of paper that needs to be picked up, a person who needs a question answered, a restroom that needs to be cleaned – I encourage you to “just do it.” One of the great things about Eagle Pointe is the way that we all pull together to meet whatever is needed.

Let’s make every effort to see that everyone has the best possible experience here at Eagle Pointe this Easter. Let’s see to it that not one person walks through our doors without being greeted by several people and introduced around. Let’s make everyone feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated. Hopefully, they will leave thinking, “That is the friendliest place I’ve ever been to. Everyone is on the Host Team this Easter!” (Actually, that is the case every Sunday!)

***Remember: Studies show that most visitors to a church will make up their mind within the first 8 minutes as to whether they are ever coming back again. Let’s do absolutely everything we can to get them to come back again.

5. Personally celebrate the Good News of Easter starting today.

Just think of it: because of Easter our past is forgiven, our life is worth living and we have a future in heaven! Romans 3:22 says, “We are made right in God’s sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done.” Start praising God & celebrating today & every day!


I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

EPC - Good Friday

Why We’re Cancelling Our 5:30pm Easter Sunday Service & It’s Not Because We Don’t Love Jesus ;-)

As many of you know, almost 4 weeks ago we started a 3rd service time here at Eagle Pointe at 5:30PM. It has gotten off to a great start and it is accomplishing our goal – freeing up space in our 2 Sunday morning services & it is reaching new people who, because of work schedules, etc, cannot do Sunday mornings.

We originally decided to add a 5:30pm service on Easter Sunday – in addition to our 9am, 10:30am, & 12pm services – so that none of those folks would have to miss Easter services & for many of those 5:30pm crowd who are just getting in the habit of coming to church, we didn’t want to give an excuse to fall out of that habit.

However, as I’ve had time to think & pray more about this  (As I say all the time, just like all of you – I am human, I don’t always get it right, I’m figuring all of this out on a daily basis, but fortunately I have a heart that wants to please God & I am open to His correction) I believe God has helped me look at this from a different perspective…

1) Many of our 5:30pm crowd, who are just getting in the habit of coming to church, probably are not coming anyways. They will probably be doing family dinners, getting together with friends, etc. I also understand that there are some who were planning on coming, who may not be happy with this decision. If that’s you, I hope you will understand the next couple of reasons for this decision.

2) 3 Easter Sunday morning services & a 5:30PM service that same day are going to flat wear out our volunteers, ministry leaders, and staff. I know Easter Sunday is the Super Bowl for Christian churches, and some will ask “how can you pull back on this day? It’s only 1 day!” I get that, but I also know that 1 of the reasons we have so many leaders in our church who have been here for years serving at a very high level, is because we try to strike that all elusive balance & not burn out our volunteers and their familes (sometimes we do a better job than others at that).

3) I want our volunteers, leaders, and staff to have some time with their families on Easter Sunday, which will not really happen with a 5:30pm service. Listen – I want myself & all of us to go crazy, bust our tails, to do whatever it takes this next 1 1/2 weeks leading up to Easter to reach as many in our community as we possibly can, to prepare & be ready for all the people who are going to be here, and serve like it’s our last opportunity to do so ever on Easter Sunday to blow people’s minds, change the way they think about church, & help them experience Jesus!

BUT – then I want them to go home, spend time with their family & friends, and be able to relax & soak in the beauty of the Resurrection and all that it means & provided for us.

So, there you have it! We will have 3 Easter Sunday services at 9am, 10:30am, & 12pm. Join us in letting God use each of us this next 1 1/2 weeks to to whatever it takes to bring as many people as you can with you to Easter at Eagle Pointe.

EPC - Easter 2014 - Graphic - Website

One Invite Literally Changed My Life

EPC - One Invite - Changed My Life

That’s my story – how about you? One invite really did change my life! Well, it was actually one person inviting me a whole bunch of times to his church until I finally gave in! THANK GOD my buddy Garland Robertson cared enough about me that he didn’t give up on me. I knew Garland for many years, but we had lost touch for a period of our lives. Then one day we ran into each other at a University of Miami football game. We both had season tickets & his were a few rows behind me.

At every football game we would catch up, talk about life, and at some point in the discussion he would work into the conversation something cool that his church was doing & invite me to come check it out. I was always polite about it – but would always blow off his invites. If you look up the word “determination” – there will be a picture of Garland there. He never gave up on me! For 2 years, every time he saw me, he would invite me. He was never pushy or obnoxious about it – he was just determined! He cared enough about me, my life, my family & where I was going to spend eternity – that he wouldn’t give up.

Finally, one day when I was at a place in my life where I was ready – I said “yes”! My life has never been the same since! Thanks Gar & Thanks Jesus – for caring enough about me & not giving up on me.

Easter Sunday (April 20) is the greatest God-given opportunity of the year for you to reach out to & invite people to Eagle Pointe! Don’t waste this God-given opportunity!

Now, here are a few things I challenge you to join me in doing these 2 weeks leading up to Easter:

1) PRAY & FAST! – Let’s unleash the power of prayer! Pray for your friends, our community, our church, our Easter services & for CHANGED LIVES!!! (If you want to learn more about Fasting – check out “Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough“.

2) EXPECT! Expect God to show up & do the miraculous. Let’s add a big-time dose of faith to our prayers & let’s do our part! Let’s give God some actions (on our part) that He can bless!

3) INVITE, INVITE, INVITE! Go stark raving crazy these next 2 weeks inviting everyone God brings across your path – friends, neighbors, co-workers… If you need more “Easter at Eagle Pointe” invite cards drop by the church & get them. The reality is that most people want to be, or feel like they should, be in church on Easter — so let’s help them out with that! (Check out a recent blog post “Fun Ways to Invite People to Church“)

4) FIRE UP YOUR FACEBOOK! Get on my Facebook page or our Eagle Pointe Facebook page & start sharing the invites & videos we have to promote “Easter at Eagle Pointe”. Change your Facebook profile pic to our Easter profile pic. BTW: It’s working! Since we started our Facebook campaign 2 weeks ago – the number of people who are seeing something about Eagle Pointe & our Easter services have been mind-blowing. So, help us blow up Facebook these next 2 weeks by inviting all your Facebook friends.

5) BE HERE, SERVE & DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! Arrive early & help out in any way you can! We need a number of you to go to our 9:00AM, 12:00pm, & 5:30pm services to make room in our 10:30 service. Please help us pack out our 2 back gravel lots & car pool with family & friends. We need to free up some seating & parking this Easter! As with every weekend at Eagle Pointe – EVERYONE is on Host Team on Easter! You see something  that needs picked up –  a bathroom that needs restocked – just do it! You see people looking unsure of where they’re going – introduce yourself &  show them around. You see people sitting by themselves – go sit with them & make them feel comfortable.

Again, join us in doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach our community for Jesus this Easter!

PS. I wonder who will be doing 1 of our “One Invite Changed My Life” videos someday because you cared enough to invite them???