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Rev Up Your Church Announcements

One of the big challenges every church faces is how to communicate “what’s going on/coming up” to the people of their church (as well as to their community). We’ve tried MANY things here at Eagle Pointe & I could write a book on all the things we’ve tried that didn’t work or weren’t very effective.

Church bulletins are great for communicating with new people who are really wanting to know more about your church, but most of your regulars aren’t paying much attention to them. However, here in 2012 we have to get creative & embrace technology to more effectively get our message across, in order to get people excited about what’s going on at your church.

We basically have a shotgun approach here at Eagle Pointe – we use several things. We do have a bulletin each weekend. We use my facebook page & our Eagle Pointe facebook page. We also email out a weekly E-Newsletter to everyone in our church. (*NOTE: We strongly encourage everyone who attends to fill out our “Connection Card” so we can get their email address)

I’ll share more about how we have used these tools very effectively & with a good deal of success at another time. However, today I really wanted to share about the B-O-R-I-N-G, LAME, BRING YOUR CHURCH SERVICE TO A SCREECHING HALT “announcement time”. Rather than put people to sleep, have people check on us for a few minutes during this time, and have all the energy sucked out of the service — we decided to use technology to liven up & engage our audience.

In our fast-paced technology/media driven society where people want to be entertained while they are being informed – we decided to move in that direction by making our own video announcements. (It also helps that we are not afraid to try new things & “experiment”). Believe me, a few years ago when we started this the videos were VERY basic – due to our lack of knowledge, equipment, & know-how. But our people embraced it because even these fairly amateur videos were much more interesting than having someone walk on stage & read off some upcoming things.

We first tried a “Newscast” idea, then moved to more of a humorous “SNL  Newscast” style, but these were only so effective. We then began going out to different locations & shooting these videos. Sometimes we tie them in with the theme of a teaching series we’re doing, or a holiday/time of year. As we have learned, progressed, gotten better & more creative – what we have found is that our people now look forward the “announcement time” during our services.

People talk about them, they remember what we were announcing, AND – they even share them with their friends!!!! We now post our video announcements on our Eagle Pointe facebook page for people to see who may have missed that weekend, or who want to see them again, & so they can share them with their friends.

Also – we are not a mega-church with a huge budget. We do this on the cheap – & I mean cheap! If you’re interested in knowing more or would like some help in getting something like this going in your church – feel free to email me.

Lastly, here are just a few examples of some of the “video announcements” we have done…