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We’ll change the way you think about church!

For the last several years, one of the biggest things we have been attempting to do at Eagle Pointe is to “change the way people think about church“.  You might be wondering: “WHY would we want to change the way people think about church?” Well, most people in our world who don’t go to church aren’t necessarily turned off from God. They’re turned off from church! They’re turned off from Christians! Why? When many people think about church and Christians they think of words like:

  • Boring
  • Irrelevant
  • Judgmental
  • Stuffy
  • Hypocritical
  • After my money

SO when we re-started Eagle Pointe, one of our primary goals was to “Change the way people think about church” – because if we change the way they think about church, we can change the way they think about Jesus! We can help them see that Jesus is incredibly relevant to their lives today – and that having a relationship with Him is a whole lot more simple, fun, rewarding, and fulfilling than they could ever imagine!

Changing the way people think about church is our motivation behind our:

  • Casual, Contemporary, & highly Relational Atmosphere
  • Great music people can relate to
  • Dramas with a sense of humor that connect with the heart and mind
  • Messages that are relevant, understandable, and that help people Monday thru Saturday – not just on Sunday
  • Fun & Engaging children’s and teen environments
  • REAL people doing REAL life!

If you haven’t been into church for a while – PLEASE give it another shot at Eagle Pointe. We’ll change the way you think about church!

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“iGod” Series Starts This Sunday – BE THERE!”

Is there really a God? What is He like? Well, join us as we explore these questions & more, & discover the All-Present, All-Powerful, All-Knowing & All-Loving God of the Bible.

The reality is that God wants us to know Him – God wants to reveal Himself to you.  The more you know about God – the more life is going to make sense – & that’s why we are doing this series.  Some of us are unclear about your future because you are unclear about God.  Some of us lack direction in your life because you have a faulty understanding about who God is. A lot of people wander through life – they lack direction – they are afraid – they worry all the time because they have the wrong picture of God.   If you don’t have a proper picture of God – then your life is never going to make sense.

Our “iGod” teaching series kicks off this Sunday 9:30 & 11:00AM @ Eagle Pointe Church.  Not only do you REALLY need to be here this Sunday & for this entire series, but I challenge you to be a Kingdom Builder! Pray for & get busy inviting your friends & everyone God brings across your path this week. Also, please help us promote this series by watching & then sharing our 3 promo videos  below on your social media.

I can’t wait to see you & those you bring with you this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe.