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Eagle Pointe Online T-Shirt Store

We have been getting A LOT of requests for the t-shirts people have been sporting around Eagle Pointe. Our t-shirts we’ve had since Easter are still a big hit & those will continue to be available in our cafe’/lobby as a gift to 1st time visitors, and for $10 each for anyone else who wants them.

Since we decked out our entire host team in “I Love My Church” t-shirts, we had so many people asking us how they can get one. A lot of people have been asking us if we are going to get t-shirts with the new church logo as well. Now, we did the “ILMC” t-shirts on the “cheap” – we bought black t-shirts from Walmart & ironed on graphics we printed ourselves. So, no we did not have extras of these available.

While we want to get these t-shirts out to everyone – it can get pretty expensive trying to keep in stock a bunch of t-shirts, of all the different designs, and of all the different sizes. So, we came up with an idea that we think might work. We have set up an “EAGLE POINTE T-SHIRT STORE” at http://www.cafepress.com/EaglePointe_1 – with several different t-shirt designs. 2 versions of our new Eagle Pointe logo & the “I Love My Church” are available.

We have also made available t-shirts to match our new invite cards & road signs (see Eagle Pointe 2.0 Part 3). We have 3 designs – “Who says you have to dress up for church?”, “It’s like church meets rock ‘n roll”, & “Church for people who don’t ‘do’ church”. The prices are about $20 each – but this really is the only way we could make all of these available to everyone. There’s no way we could afford to stock all these designs & sizes.

*** NOTE: All of these were designed to go on a black (preferably) or dark colored shirt – be sure to select this when ordering.

I’ve already ordered a couple shirts for my wife Gina & I (we both love the “church/rock ‘n roll shirt). Check out the site, order a couple shirts, & I look forward to seeing you sport yours around our community.

Also – for more new & exciting things happening at Eagle Pointe – check out “Eagle Pointe 2.0”  “Part 1“, “Part 2“, & “Part 3”.


No Perfect People Allowed! (Part 2)

If you missed “PART 1” of this series please go back & read it.

“I’m messed up, you’re messed up, we’re all messed up!” This has become a real mantra and motto of ours here of Eagle Pointe Church. The fact of the matter is that we are all messed up – we all have done things in our past that we wish we hadn’t – we all have issues and struggles going on in our lives today – we all have a areas of our lives & spiritual lives that need improvement (if not lots of improvement) – and we are all works in progress.

But rather than trying to hide that fact and put on some phony facade that says everything is great when it really isn’t – we “embrace our ‘messed-up-ness'” (I know – horrible English). We recognize and are open about the fact that we’re all messed up – but we’re also not content with being messed up. Because we are a church family – doing life together – we are helping each other through God’s power and God’s grace to get better with each and every day.  I had a friend of mine, who pastors a church in Michigan, visit our church a while back. He was also able to come to one of our “Summit” services (worship, communion, and testimonies). We do these a few times a year.  Afterwards he commented, ” Howard, what God is doing here certainly isn’t church in the traditional sense – this is more like one big Christian 12 step program”.

To that I say, “GO GOD!” As I study the New Testament and the first century church, who were meeting in homes, doing life together, helping and serving their communities, I think they were more like one big Christian 12 step program. They were reaching people for Christ and then helping each other and others ” figure it out” and navigate their way together through this journey and adventure called the Christian life. (Stay tuned for part 3 – where we’ll cover in much more practical terms – how this model of church is lived out and maintained).

1 Peter 1:22 – “Now you can have sincere love for each other as brothers and sisters because you are cleansed from your sins when you accepted the truth of the Good News.  So see to it that you really do love each other intensely with all your hearts.”

No Perfect People Allowed! (Part 1)

My perception growing up in church was – that only perfect people belonged there and were accepted there.  And because I knew that I was not perfect – I had no desire to be in that environment.  However, I was forced to go – so I learned to pretend with the best of them.  I put on the fake smile and acted as if I had it all figured out, that my spiritual life was good, and that everything in my personal life was the way it should be.  When in reality – nothing could’ve been further from the truth.  (If you missed it – I encourage you to check out this message where I shared all the details of my life story – you can listen or podcast on our Eagle Pointe “messages” page or watch online on our Eagle Pointe Vimeo Channel)

The longer I was in church the more I realized that all of these “adults” really weren’t perfect – nowhere close! I began to resent what I perceived to be arrogance, hypocrisy, and deception. I resented how I was made to feel inadequate and that there was something wrong with me because I was not good enough, did not know enough of the bible, and did not fit into their nice ” Christian” mold.  I was further ostracized, particularly by the adults, when I began refusing to put on that fake, phony, pretentious facade of ” I’ve got it all together and life is good” – when it really wasn’t. It should come as no surprise that when I was able to get out of that environment – I did not darken the doorway of a church for five years.

Romans 8:28 says – “God works all things together for good…”   My “church” experience growing up was not a good thing. However, one of the many good things that God has brought out of that is – it caused me to radically re-think everything relating to church and how it’s done. I will cover this whole idea more in follow-up blogs – but I will leave you with this for today…  My take away from my early church experience was that because I was “messed up”, didn’t have it all figured out, couldn’t quote enough bible verses, etc – that God was not interested in me – nor was He interested in having me be a part of His church.

But as I began reading through the Bible myself I was completely shocked.  These were not “perfect people” that God was holding up as examples for us to follow and to learn from. People in the Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus’ disciples – in fact, when you look at some of the greatest leaders in the Bible – this is a collection of some of the most unlikely characters & biggest screw-ups in history. Hmmm – maybe there was hope for me yet.  I mean – none of these people would have been good enough for the “church people” I grew up with.  That realization has shaped so much of who I am as a pastor, and of the church I lead. All talk more about this in coming blogs – but one of our mottos at Eagle Pointe Church is – ” I’m messed up, You’re messed up, We’re all messed up!” (Stay tuned for more…)

EPC – Weekend Recap – 06-06-10

My reflections from another amazing weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • Unbelievable! What a weekend on so many fronts!
  • God showed up in a big-time way this weekend. LOVE IT when He does that!
  • Road construction detours couldn’t keep people away from church – we had great attendance at both services.
  • Our volunteer teams were ready – parking, host team, kid’s check-in, children’s workers all did a great job.
  • Our Production people (tech, music, etc) nailed it this weekend.
  • I love hearing the crowd singing worship louder than the band!!!
  • ————————————————–
  • The feedback & response to the message I gave was incredible.
  • A lot of people were surprised & had their eyes opened to the simplicity of Prayer & How to Connect with God.
  • If you missed yesterday’s message – check out the video @ http://vimeo.com/12362218
  • ————————————————–
  • Then as if that wasn’t enough – the Luau was on!
  • Our cooking team did a great job with our authentic Hawaiian pig roast.
  • They spent most of the weekend preparing to cook a pig in the ground – Hawaiian-style.
  • Our Eagle Pointe “Ohana”/family lost their minds dressing up in their island/tropical best.
  • There were some wild outfits here last night! BTW: Quote of the night – “This is the weirdest church I’ve ever been to – in a good way!”
  • I LOVED getting wild & crazy with 175 of the greatest volunteers on the planet!
  • This is a church that really knows how to throw a party & I love that!
  • ————————————————–
  • Then in a stroke of wild & crazy self-depreciation – just to show all of our volunteers how much we love & appreciate them – I did this… http://vimeo.com/12353970 (Seriously – you need to watch it – seriously)
  • ————————————————–
  • It was truly a great weekend!
  • DANG – I love this church & am so grateful that God let’s me lead this rowdy bunch!