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Our July 4th Bash – Rain Delayed

EPC - 4th of July Bash - Graphic B

Okay! Normally I’m the type who is praying, believing, & telling everyone else that it will not rain on 1 of our events. However, faced with a 100% chance of heavy thunder storms, flash flood warnings, every municipality in our region cancelling July 4th festivities, etc – I believe their are times when we need to strike a balance between our faith & the common sense & intelligence God has blessed us with.

So, to that end – we are rain-delaying our big July 4th Bash until this Sat. July 6th @ 5PM. * NOTE: There is a 50% forecast for showers that evening – so please join us in praying that God holds off the rain & we can have a great party, cookout, & fireworks extravaganza.

In case you missed out on the details of this – every year we do a BIG 4th of July Bash with over 100 of our closest friends. Yeah – Gina & I don’t know how to do anything on a small scale. In fact, last year we had about 140 people join us for our Party.

Basically, everyone brings chairs & food. The little kids play in our big backyard (we have a trampoline, playset, bounce house, swimming pool for younger kids, & sandpit), older kids & teens play soccer, basketball, etc & the adults relax, eat good food, & get to know a bunch of great people.

The festivities start at 5PM – Shhhhh! – when the sun goes down we have a ridiculous amount of fireworks as well. Below is some information you need to know & I hope you will be able to join us.

* Bring the whole family – we have a trampoline, bounce house, swimming pool for younger kids, playset, & sandpit to keep the kids busy so adults can relax
* Bring main dish, side dish, and/or dessert for a bunch of people (POTLUCK) ***We’ll take care of burgers & hotdogs.
* Bring chairs for your family to sit on – we’re expecting 100+ people
* Bring whatever you want to drink in your own cooler. NOTE: This is not an official church function – just friends getting together to celebrate.
Our address is 5780 Stonehaven Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30152. I hope to see you there!

I Am That Hero 5K – Only 19 Days Away!!!

EPC - Hero 5K - Billboard

We are now less than 3 WEEKS AWAY from the big event & there are many aspects of this that we need your help in getting done right away. Please make time to go through the items below & see what you can do…

1)      Sponsors, Sponsors, Sponsors! We need local businesses to become sponsors of our event. Here is a “EPC – Hero 5K – Sponsor Pack” to share with potential sponsors & a EPC – Tax ID – letter letter to show that all sponsorships & donations are tax-deductible. (Please talk with your own company & start hitting up other area businesses) ***ALSO – We need restaurants to be food sponsors (They set up a table & give away samples of their food & promote themselves. For doing this they get all the benefits of a $350 sponsorship)

2)      We need people the next 2 weekend to go to different 5K’s in our area & pass out postcards about our 5K to runners as they finish. (Preferably our people would be in superhero costumes while doing this) ***NOTE: If you can help with this contact Jason Adams right away – (678) 231-2091 or  jasonadams9@hotmail.com (4/13 CASA Superhero Run Woodstock, 4/13 Boulderdash 5k Cumming, 4/20 Runningnerds 5K Atlanta, 4/20 Sweetwater 5K Atlanta, 4/20 Run the River Roswell)

3)      Marketing & Promotion. Help us blow up social media about this, tell all your friends, co-workers, etc. Check out & “Like” our I Am That Hero 5K Facebook page & start sharing about this with your friends. Also – we need people to contact local community news outlets to let our community know & local news (papers, TV, radio) to cover the event.

4)      We need gift cards from restaurants, stores, movie theaters, etc to give away as “Thank You’s” to local heroes who attend our race. (So we will need A LOT of these!!!)

5)      We need items to give away to participants & to put in their goody bags. These could be running related, superhero related, or it could have no tie in whatsoever. (The more free stuff the better!) Get creative with ideas!

6)      We need people to visit local police stations, fire stations, hospitals, medical centers, military stations, etc – to ask them to come/bring a team, be a part of our event & allow our community to honor them. (We have posters, flyers & postcards at the church office)

7)      We need people to go to local stores, restaurants, etc to ask them to put up a poster promoting our race.

(We have Sponsor Info Packs, Posters, Registration forms, & postcards available at the church office)

We want this to be a huge, over-the-top event that people will be talking about & looking forward to the next one. Again, get creative & help us to that end.

***NOTE: We will have an All Volunteers Meeting this coming Sunday 4/14 (right after 2nd service) that we need everyone to be at. Mark Vescio, our run promoter, will be there to discuss what needs to be done in the last 2 weeks leading up & where all we need people to help the day of. PLEASE BE THERE & encourage your friends to come as well.

I believe this will be an amazing event on many different levels & thank you again for your willingness to help us pull this off.

EPC - IAmThatHere5K - Slide 1

“The Christmas Blues” – IT’S ON!!!

On Sunday Dec. 2nd we will kick off one of the most fun, rockin’, & most powerful series we’ve done here at Eagle Pointe. (And that’s saying something!)

The reality is that for most of us, Christmas has lost that sense of wonder, joy & excitement it once had. Too many of us just try to simply survive the season with our sanity intact. We invite you to join the Blues Brothers & your friends at Eagle Pointe as we rediscover the true meaning of this “most wonderful time of year”, & we embark “on a mission from God”!

The music, dramas, & messages we have planned, for each Sunday in December & on Christmas Eve, are going to flat-out blow you away! So, do not miss ANY of this series & please help us use this series to reach a whole bunch of people in our community for Jesus this Christmas season…

We will have invite cards available at church for you to hand out. Check out my Facebook page & our Eagle Pointe Facebook page for videos, invites, etc that you can share. Help us blow-up Facebook all month long by sharing invites & videos to our “Christmas Blues” series! Do your best to bring people with you each week of this series & on Christmas Eve.

BTW: Our Christmas Eve services will be held at Durham Middle School auditorium this year. We will have services on Sun. Dec. 23rd in our building at 9:30 & 11:00AM & then we will have Christmas Eve services on Dec. 24th at 4:15 & 6:00PM at Durham M.S. Help us make the most of this month-long, God-sized opportunity!

Be sure to take 2 min’s & watch the promo video for this series below…

Churches – Just Say ‘YES’ To Halloween… & Zombies!

Many of us have grown up hearing a very wide-range of views relating to Halloween – especially from Christians & Churches. Please take a minute & read this post & watch the videos below to see how we view & “use” Halloween, in some very fun ways, to reach people for Jesus.

Being that we have so many people coming to Eagle Pointe from all different church backgrounds & no church backgrounds – I get asked quite often around this time of year – “What is your’s & the church’s view of Halloween?”  This question comes up a lot especially since our church does a huge pumpkin patch, as well as, student ministry costume party & an event for families in our community called “Trick-or-Treat Street”. I always love this question because I never know what that person’s view is or how they will respond to my view.

So, here is my attempt at conveying mine/our view of this…

1) Yes – Halloween started out thousands of years ago as a Celtic celebration steeped in witchcraft – but that certainly is not what 99% of people equate it with today. For most, it is an excuse to dress up, be silly, & have fun.

2) Did you know? Christmas started as a Nordic winter solstice celebration steeped in witchcraft as well – but we Christians “hijacked” it and used it to celebrate the birth of Christ. (which most scholars believe was actually around April)

3) I propose we (Christians) hijack Halloween!

4) Many of you know that I am ALL about reaching people who are disconnected from God & helping change the way they think about church – so with that in mind…

5) There is no other day of the year that almost every one of my neighbors are coming to my front door!!! (think about it)  SO – I’m camping out on my front porch with a huge bowl of candy, thermos of coffee for the adults, & invite cards to my church!!! Let the hijacking begin!

6) As for our “Trick-or-Treat Street” – What a great opportunity to reach out to the families in our community, give them a great, fun, & safe family experience (they’re going trick-or-treating anyways), & let them know about what God is doing here at Eagle Pointe. We’ll have theme rooms set up, about 40 characters for kids & families to get their pictures taken with, & giving out A BUNCH of candy to the kids, & invites to church. For more info click here Trick-or-Treat Street & be sure to watch the 2 promo videos below. (BTW: Please donate bags of candy for this & if you can help with building theme rooms, promotion, etc email Lisa Skelly right away)  Let the hijacking begin!

7) For me – Halloween is a great excuse for me to go pillage & plunder my neighborhood for candy with my kids!

BTW: Just wait until you see my costume I’ll be wearing at our “Trick-or-Treat Street” & Halloween night!

Oh yeah – 1 more thing – Trick or Treat? (Check out these videos below)

“Momentum – Hawaiian Luau” – this Sunday @ 6PM

This Sunday May 22nd @ 6:00PM – put on your island/tropical best & join your church “Ohana”/ family for an amazing “Momentum – Hawaiian Luau“! We’ll have an authentic Hawaiian Pig Roast & potluck social here at Eagle Pointe – bring a dish or dessert.

This is also our end of 2010/2011 ministry season Volunteer Appreciation event & we want to say “Thank You” to our volunteers in an unforgettable way! However, even if you’re not volunteering yet – join us & see how you can jump in & serve somewhere in our church.

I hope to see all of you there! We have got some BIG-TIME surprises in store for you – that you’ll be talking about for a longtime! This will be an event you will not want to miss!!!

In fact, here was one of the surprises from last year’s Momentum Luau…

A Note to our Eagle Pointe Family

Eagle Pointe family,

I’m STILL overwhelmed, amazed and thankful for all that took place in our Easter services… here are a few things I want to say to you all…

#1 – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who accepted our “U+2 Easter Challenge” & went out of your way to bring people to 1 of our Easter services.  We saw God move in a HUGE way! We had our highest attendance ever with over 500 adults & about 140 kids & teens. We had 30+ people commit their lives to Christ, many people commit to get baptized at our BBQ & Baptisms on May 14, & many others commit to attending our Pizza with the Pastors & to get in a Life Group.  GO GOD & Go Eagle Pointe! You ALL Rock!!!

#2 – I want to encourage all of you who invited someone to Easter & they did not show… or maybe you brought someone who is far from God & they did not respond to the Gospel.  DO NOT GIVE UP ON THEM!  Remember, God was patient with you… and He wants us to be patient with others. As you’ve heard me say – God never gave up on me – so I CANNOT give up on others.  Just keep praying for them & inviting them!

#3 – I did this on twitter & facebook Sunday afternoon… but I wanted to say it here as well —  “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU” to ALL of our volunteers who sacrificed their time, energy, & effort to make sure that so many people were welcomed, cared for, & had a great experience when they arrived at Eagle Pointe on Easter Sunday. God has blessed us with the greatest volunteer army on the planet! You all are making a huge difference & I thank God for you all every day! Keep up the amazing work!

#4 The people you brought with you and/or the people who you invited but didn’t make it on Easter… GET THEM HERE THIS SUNDAY!  We’re going to continue this “F-Bomb” series & this Sunday we’re talking about how do we let go of the past, the guilt, the shame, the regret, truly forgive ourselves, & launch out into the future God has planned for each of us! In fact, I challenge you to view each Sunday as a “U+2 Challenge”.

Eagle Pointe’rs – Thanks for being who you are! A bunch of messed up, reckless, throwing caution to the wind, unstoppable idiot rhinos for Jesus! I love & appreciate you all!

Big Date Night Experiment

This Saturday Feb. 12th (just in time for Valentines Day) we are doing the “Big Date Night Experiment” here at Eagle Pointe.

Most couples want to have a date night – but don’t! Well, we’re going to help you by providing 6 different great dates each of the next 6 months. Each monthly great date revolves around one of the topics of our “Happily Ever After” series. We’ll provide fun & creative ideas for your date night & “parent’s night out” childcare is available here at Eagle Pointe. Our 1st event will be, conveniently enough, this Sat. Feb. 12th from 5 – 8 PM.

I’ve got to tell you – last night Gina & I tried out the Date Night Exp & we had a blast! It was a lot of fun, it was crazy, we talked about a lot of stuff, & it made for some great memories!

Trust me – YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Drop off the kids here at the church at 5PM, pick up your “assignment”, & have a GREAT Date Night! You & your spouse will be glad you did.

PS. Care enough about your friends, neighbors, co-workers & their relationships to get them to take part in this as well.